Omicron: Emma, ​​there is clearly a decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine – the last hour

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    (ANSA) – BRUSSELS, Dec 21 – “The data received are by no means definitive, but it is clear that there has been a decrease in the efficacy” of vaccines against the Omicron variant. Emir Kok, director of the European Medicines Agency, explains this in her interview with the Financial Times. However, preliminary evidence also shows that a third dose of mRNA vaccines can at least partially restore antibody levels, explains the Financial Times article, reporting on the latest studies published by Moderna on the efficacy of a booster dose.

    Cook then said that so far “AstraZeneca has not formally requested the use of its vaccine as a booster in the European Union.” According to the Director of the EMA, it is critical not to stop the vaccination campaign and to check the effectiveness of vaccines, we must “let the science run its course”.

    Regarding the decision to use Omicron Cooke’s targeted vaccines or not, he states that it will be made “when there is sufficient scientific evidence that current vaccines do not work adequately.” (Dealing).

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