Olympics and Basketball: Italy defeated but not downsized, Australia won 86-83

    Olympics and Basketball: Italy defeated but not downsized, Australia won 86-83

    Italy and Australia 83-86 | Table

    After the encouraging success of his debut against Germany, Italy’s Meo Sacchetti found themselves against a team hard discount, certainly the most annoying of our group. Australia led by Olympic flag bearer Patty Mills Really good 7 NBA players on the list And the experience of a group that has been playing together for many years is a card in favor of choosing “Green and Gold”. However, the Azores confirm the good things shown against the Germans: The first quarter is to score high, with attacks that work better than defenses and a race kept on perfect parity (25-25 after the first twelve minutes). The ratios drop a bit in the second period but the balance that characterizes the race remains unchanged: Once again Simone Fontecchio is our offensive driver, in defense Millie stands out, Very active in the first part of the race. Defensively stand out too Matisse Thibault Among our opponents: the Sixers player is everywhere during the attack Mills, Engels with a three-point shot and Landale under the basket They kept the Australians in the race, but they closed the first half Less than a point, 45-44.

    the other half

    Coach Sacchetti decided to go with him Nico Manion in the quintet at the opening of the third quarter And the Golden State Warriors player hit it with a really solid clue Great personality and confidence (21 points and 7 assists in the end for him). The blues begin to struggle on the attack, Australia keeps us with only 17 points in the third half And then when they get to the last twelve minutes the blues have to chase after him, Under 65-62. But unfortunately the fourth quarter confirms the solidity of our opponents who dominate above all under the offensive boards, which generates Second chance Which forces the blue defense to work overtime, weakening our resistance. In the end they will be 16 offensive follow up Captured by the tall Australians (5 for Baynes and 4 for Landale), And then 17 points Which may make the difference in the final result (Italy gets only 5 chances). The Azzurri are good at never giving up – also because a difference in points can make a difference to the group’s final standings – and with Mannion and Fontecchio points (still Azoro Kota top scorer 22) stays in the race to the end. However, Mills and his comrades do not err off the line and condemn us for it First Olympic defeat, which, however, does not detract from Meo Sacchetti’s national team neither for the match (and character) shown on the field against a respected opponent, nor for the effects of the ranking. Everything is playing against Nigeria, dawn on Saturday 31 July. But this is Italy (which may have to ask for more of it Danilo Galinari, only 5 points and 5 shots For him against Australia) bodes well.

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