Home Economy Olbia, the center lacks Pfizer vaccines, and Assl likes citizenship

Olbia, the center lacks Pfizer vaccines, and Assl likes citizenship

Olbia, the center lacks Pfizer vaccines, and Assl likes citizenship

Call of the origin of Olbia.

Assl of Olbia apologizes to residents who went to vaccination centers in recent days Can’t get Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. As was confirmed several times in the past week, Assl of Olbia, as well as other regions, has it Very limited amount of doses compared to gallora, As a matter of priority, they were Used to immunize people over the age of 80 or other vulnerable people Who have already started the vaccination course and given the second dose.

It should be noted, however, that fragile subjects are the priority of Assl of Olbia (and the vaccination plan) and ‘Very profitable’ topics That has been postponed in recent days They will be contacted directly by Olbia Assl to go with an appointment to get the vaccinationWithout waiting and with dedicated paths. The call will be made as soon as the vaccine doses are available that will be assigned to this category; At the same time Vaccinations will resumeAlso, in this case, it was stopped due to lack of vaccine, for “very high risk” patients arriving Various outpatient and inpatient services (Such as diabetics).

Assl of Olbia and all the operators involved in the vaccination buddy are making a particular appeal to whom Did not fall into the category of “extreme vulnerability” He can and should be vaccinated, without reservation, with the Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca vaccine. The medical staff working in the vaccination centers is Constantly involved and available to provide adequate advice and information, Which ensures the most appropriate selection of the type of vaccine to be administered.

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The vaccine Do not choose to be afraid of the side effects, Which leads to confusing vulnerability and an increased risk of adverse reactions. Extreme vulnerability indicates the need for vaccination as soon as possible, and with which vaccine may be present Greater speed and efficiencyCritically ill patients or who receive treatments that lead to severe immunosuppression – explains Marco Celiano, an infectious disease specialist at Olbia Assl -. In these patients it is pA reference for mRNA vaccine use such as PfizerIn other cases, particularly between the ages of 60 and 80, the AstraZeneca vaccine is recommended to be used as soon as possible, completely safely and with protection from severe disease such as the Pfizer vaccine. Surrender or delay is useless Days of vaccination in the hope of getting a Pfizer vaccine, A.Eliminate all benefits of vaccination It puts those between the ages of 60 and 80 at risk of disease. “

It is due to Next week, the vaccines will be delivered, which will allow them to continue From a vaccination campaign that sees all operators actively and consciously participate in the process aimed at achieving Securing all people most vulnerable to serious illnesses With the subsequent goal of achieving herd immunity.

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