‘Official’ badge introduced and removed immediately Musk promises ‘lots of other stupid things’ – Nerd4.life

    'Official' badge introduced and removed immediately Musk promises 'lots of other stupid things' - Nerd4.life

    users Twitter They can expect frantic months, as you will test the platform “a lot of stupid things” According to Elon Musk. One of these is“official” label For accounts, a feature that was introduced a few hours ago and has already been removed after complaints from users.

    But let’s go step by step. On the night between November 8 and 9, Twitter introduced an “official” tag, which is an additional verification system to confirm the identity of an account belonging to governments, companies, major newspapers, publishers and some public figures, distinguishing them from those. With only “Verified” status, it can now be obtained with a TwitterBlue subscription (another initiative launched by Musk that could make brands flee the platform). The problem is that having two different but overlapping verification schemes confuses the user.

    So the response has been so negative, that Elon Musk decided to remove the “Official” tag from Twitter less than 24 hours after it first appeared, Techcrunch noted, with the billionaire claiming the blue check (account verified) again is the only verification system. …for now at least.

    In a tweet posted shortly after the official denomination, Musk declared that “Twitter is going to be doing a lot of stupid things in the coming months” and that he will be keeping “the things that work and changing the things that don’t.” In practice, Musk’s idea is to introduce new Twitter functionality, rules, and regulations, with a “trial and error” approach. Only with time will we know if it will give positive results, but the reactions on social media say the opposite for now.

    Anyway the “official” badge is in the future can come back. Esther Crawford, the product manager who announced the feature’s launch last night, said the label removal may be temporary:

    “The official badge is still planned as part of the TwitterBlue launch – we’re just focusing on government and commercial entities to start. What (Musk) said is that we’re not focused on giving people that label.” Official “now”.

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