Ochoto and Princi meet the American Consul

    Ochoto and Princi meet the American Consul

    catanzaro A positive and purposeful meeting took place today, in Citadella in Catanzaro, between the President and Vice President of the Calabria Region, Roberto Okiotto and José Princi, and the Consul General of the United States in Naples, in charge of southern Italy, Marie Avery.
    The foundations were laid for further synergy between Calabria and the United States.
    The President explained the programs implemented by the region in the tourism, cultural and economic fields.

    He touched on the topic of Sacal and the importance of accessibility, village resettlement projects – to highlight the common history that belonged to the Italian-American peoples – and the need for a return of tourism to revitalize Calabria’s image.
    Even Zes in the Gioia Tauro port was a subject of comparison, starting with the potential for tax exemption to attract investors who could allow the regional economy to take off.
    Finally, on the comparison table are the celebrations, which repeat in 2022, the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of Riace Bronzes.
    Very important meeting. The beginning of a future collaboration to jointly contribute to the relaunch of Calabria’s image in Italy and abroad.

    Consul Acre: “Historical Relations of the United States with Calabria”

    “It was a pleasure to meet President Okiotto. Today, I had an institutional meeting with the President of the Calabria Region. As with other regions of southern Italy, the United States has a historical connection with Calabria,” said Consul General Marie Avery, who had a corporate meeting with Calabria. Okyoto – He added – expressing my deep appreciation, on my behalf and on behalf of the US government, for the demonstrations of full solidarity with the Ukrainian people received in recent days by regional and local institutions, and for the initiatives aimed at welcoming and assisting some of the refugees fleeing the conflict.”

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