Home science Nurses, OSS, and health professionals: Green Pass commitment from October. AssoCareNews.it

Nurses, OSS, and health professionals: Green Pass commitment from October. AssoCareNews.it

  Nurses, OSS, and health professionals: Green Pass commitment from October.  AssoCareNews.it

Nurses, OSS and health professionals, Green Pass commitment effective October. The maneuvering arm is in his arm between the ministers Esperanza and Brunetta.

Green Corridor commitment for nurses, nurses, and health professionals: an arm maneuver between Ministers Esperanza (Health) and Bronita (Penn).

Debate continues over the inclusion of the Green Pass commitment in the workplace but the government is deaf to the demands of unions and associations.

The Green Corridor commitment to all healthcare workers follows: Here are the main reasons that led to this radical decision.

Find deception to deceive.

Law making, deception found. There are a few thousand public servants who have somehow diverted from the duty to vaccinate.

The government and businesses anticipated splits but this numerical mass was not thought through. Reflection on this phenomenon has led to consideration of the appropriateness of being able to transmit rather than suspend, as is widely reported in all Italian health agencies.

In short, we work but without the need for vaccination.

There are instances where exclusion from the department’s workload amounts to a dilution of work experience.

For this reason, it was thought of as a deception to deceive: to enter work, you need the Green Passage, which means to be cured for a maximum of 6 months from Covid, receive a vaccination or constant exposure to tampons.

Eliminate smart work.

Brunetta was clear: Smart work should be phased out ASAP because through a potential productivity improvement tool it could easily be converted into a loss of control over employee operations.

With the introduction of the green lane, anyone can return to work while maintaining security measures while enjoying a “safer” environment.

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This aim is to intervene above all in the administrative, training and organizational areas of the NHS.

The third dose.

As we expected, the third mandatory dose campaign for healthcare staff should begin in late fall. The introduction of the Green Corridor commitment will entail a new leap forward in the data of vaccinated health workers, in order to reach the “third round” with a greater number of suitable candidates.

The commitment will be discussed but now appears to have been fully accomplished. In the coming weeks, we will be informed of commitment details, bearing in mind the potential mitigation due to discussion with trade unions and trade associations.

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