Home entertainment NOW TV changes its name: the Sky app now changes its appearance

NOW TV changes its name: the Sky app now changes its appearance


Sky started the rebranding process for its streaming platform, which resulted in the name change, but not only

News from heaven. NOW TV On Demand and Live TV changes its name. Will become Currently And it gets transformed. The new reflects the essence and in this The rebranding process We want to show the brilliance and simplicity combined with pure entertainment.

Users can join the Sky Live Streaming service to enjoy popular movies and TV series, some of the most popular programs in the world, and productions. Sky original And major sporting events both live and on demand. Identity with an elegant set of Green color Which uses graphic illumination on the letter “O” in the center of the logo and opens a new portal to the world of NOW entertainment, at the heart of the brand.

The renewed identity is also reflected in the personality and personality of the brand The site changes and welcomes entertainment enthusiasts As members of a large community.

Available now on Amazon Fire TV

The UK-led rebranding of NOW kicks off simultaneously in the UK, Italy and Ireland, and with the new logo comes an update to the platform. The app, in fact, will also be available for Amazon Fire TV devices, Especially Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Lite and Fire TV Stick 4K. Thanks to Alexa integration into the hardware Fire TV SteakYou can access NOW with a voice command, by saying “Alexa, open now” or by using the search space.

NOW TV changes its name and promotes a show

The name change from NOW TV to NOW represents a significant change for the streaming platform, which broadcasts Sky content over the Internet. The live and on-demand streaming service was launched nearly ten years ago, in 2012, and arrived in Italy in 2014 under the name Sky Online.

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The initial European renaming process dates back to 2016, when the platform officially changed its name to NOW TV, while the service was also made available in 2017 in HD.

Now the TV is changing its name

As is well known, NOW’s show – which we remember transports the contents sky Online – Consists of 2 different packages, one related to sports and the other related to cinema and entertainment. in detail:

  • Sports Package: 2 different solutions available, with a monthly pass for 29.99 € or a day pass for 14.99 €;
  • Cinema and entertainment package: The card is available for 14.99 € per month (3 € for the first month).

One “Welcome to the New Now” will be revealed Communication campaign, Airs from March 19 and was created entirely by Sky Creative Agency (SCA), Sky’s indoor creative agency. The promotional show, which was rejected on TV, Social & Digital Video, will bring the new look and new mode to life creatively, and tell in a rhythmic sequence, NOW’s best programming: pure entertainment.

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