Home sport Now the United States into the quarter-finals

Now the United States into the quarter-finals

Now the United States into the quarter-finals

Fukuoka (Japan) – the Setterosa ‘double’ New Zealandwinning 14-7 and enjoying a thrilling quarter against the three-time US Olympic champion as well as the four-time world champion. These are the words of Coach Blue Charles Slipo:”There is definitely still room for improvement. The first defensive segment did well, the second did not. Header was in today’s game and a little bit also in the quarter finals. It will be a very difficult match against the USA, and we will have to be good at putting pressure on the Americans. We’ve always played very well against them: we need a good approach to the game. We will prepare the match in the best possible way and we will go head to head with the United States“.

Setterosa, 14-7 to New Zealand

After Doyle’s initial tie, the Blues were unleashed with a 7-0 partial lead that drew the game. In the third inning it broke 3-0 for the All Blacks who came close to 6-11. Three of a kind by Bettini MVPJustini’s bows complete everything, Tapani, Picuzzi and Bianconi, as well as goals from Avigno, Marlita and Fiacava. The Azzurri’s next game against the United States will be played on Monday 24 July at 4pm local time (9am in Italy).

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