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Now the TV changes its name and it turns up and becomes “now”

Now the TV changes its name and it turns up and becomes

Now the TV is changing its name and its appearance. And it now becomes. The new name reflects its essence: gorgeous simplicity combined with pure entertainment. Users can join Sky Live Streaming to enjoy popular movies and TV series, some of the most popular programs in the world, Sky Original productions, and major sporting events either live or on demand. An elegant green color spectrum identity that uses graphic illumination on the “O” in the center of the logo and opens a new portal to the world of entertainment for “Now”, at the heart of the brand. The renewed identity is also reflected in the personality and personality of the brand, which changes its stature and welcomes entertainment enthusiasts as members of a large community. Now led by the UK, the rebranding of Now kicks off simultaneously in the UK, Italy and Ireland.

Now UK Managing Director Marina Storty says: “It has always been the home of high-quality entertainment – and the evolution of our brand ensures that no one misses their favorite entertainment content. Moving from Now Tv to Now, we combine entertainment premium quality with sheer simplicity. It creates an ideal destination, as well as a community ready to welcome all those who love good entertainment. “

“I am proud to be able to unveil our new brand identity today – comments Claudia Avanzi, Managing Director of Now Italia – It is an important day that marks the first step towards NOW’s evolution and represents our ambition to become more and more a destination for high-quality entertainment enthusiasts. Of the series of important innovations that will arrive in the coming months. “

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From today, accessing the content of the streaming service has become easier. The Now app is in fact now also available on many Amazon Fire TV devices, notably Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Stick 4K. Thanks to Alexa integration into the Fire TV Stick, customers can find Now simply through their voices, by saying “Alexa, open now” or by using the search space.

In addition to Amazon Fire TV devices, it is now accessible from smartphones, tablets, PCs / Macs, smart TVs, game consoles, and televisions. The full list is available on the site. Joining the Now community is easy with entertainment cards and movie passes in the monthly editions and sports cards in the monthly or daily editions. For new members, the Cinema and Entertainment Pass subscription is valid for 3 euros for the first month instead of 14.99 euros.

“Welcome to What’s New Now” will be revealed in a communication campaign, going live, starting March 19 and entirely created by Sky Creative Agency (SCA), Sky’s in-house creative agency. The promotion, which was rejected on TV, social media and digital video, will bring the new look and new mode to life, and tell in rhythm, the best of Now’s programming: pure entertainment.

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