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Now that Donald Trump is no longer in the White House, let’s read his ‘poems’

Now that Donald Trump is no longer in the White House, let's read his 'poems'

There is a book, The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump, which is a very dangerous compilation of the sayings of the former President of the United States quoted in verse. Abroad a small deployment case. Here it has not been published. Moreover, even great works of poetry must be read in the original language

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OK, Donald Trump He is no longer the President of the United States. He will establish the national movement, not immediately but will soon return to lead his movement View across mediaObviously, we will suffer for a while Phantom limb syndrome. Since there are no scheduled meetings, his Twitter account has been suspended, and overall let’s get used to hearing it a lot less than before; What do we do if we miss some shots? Easy: let’s read for you Poems.

The Beautiful Poetry of Donald TrumpPublished by Canonegate Books, the independent Scottish publisher, begins with this assumption: What if The Donald, with its controversial statements, were not more than Poet determined to recite verses? It’s a joke, of course. Or maybe not. The author of the work is authentic Robert Sears, Writer and former comic at McSweeney By Dave Eggers, who posted another gem like Vladimir Putin: Life CoachA set of tips for tackling life’s little pitfalls like Vladimir Putin does (Spoiler: With strict manners, taking as a reference real examples already documented). Translator: We are on the cynic side, and it is clear that there are some strange things in the ways and expressions of those who think that democracy is a personal garden. But this time, more than advice for a smooth life, we found ourselves directly in higher literature.

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The book, in fact, is Very serious group From Trump’s statements, not only from his recent period but also from his previous life since then pole Full-time, adapted – thanks to the function of cutting, stitching and modification – into hair form. Nothing is missing: from the photomontage on the cover, in which the former US president is depicted as Percy Bysshe’s new Shelley, Pretend In a meadow in search of inspiration, in the first words that here become the title of the poem, Dante’s model, Which are then followed successively, like verses, in other terms that are more or less the theme of Donald.

And like guardianIt’s not even the first time that one of our sayings has been linked to literature, as in the case of Make hair great again By writer Rob Long; But The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump It’s definitely the most in-depth and fun work, in this sense. thanks for the Trump Archive on TwitterFrom the Trump Archives and the US Presidency Project, Sears has created an archive that goes from releases engraved in the collective memory to remove tweets, and even go back to prehistoric interviews. And if the first edition of the volume was discontinued in 2017, with the latest update we will be collecting poems until 2019.

The effect is funny: as in a real group, the words open up A window into the author’s soul. Inside Trump looks at his thoughts. Only they are in it alone misogynyA relationship with nature that limits pure contempt (Ah, those Tops From the great writers), bravado of “the win” Opposite The losersFalsity, contradiction. In short: this focus on born values ​​from toxic masculinity to childlike, and yet always arrogant, which the world witnessed leaving the White House in the past four years, but we have it here too Certificates dating back to 1990, It wasn’t even a file Portrait of the artist when he was young (The original title Portrait of the artist as a young man). The rest is done through syntax by accepting a special Sears which consists of concise sentences, simple on elementary terms, ideal to be segmented and Mixing to Release, Neatly numbered.

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Among the memorable things: my pleasure Everyone loves me (“Tom Brady loves me. / New Yorkers love me. (…) / Drivers love me. (…) / African Americans love me.”); Captain’s muscles I am open-minded (“I use both iPhone and Samsung: / Great leader for flexibility”); aiku by Putin; Distinguished teacher experience The vagina is expensive, It is already on its own (S) qualified Personal.

(Maybe) the bad news? This book in question – the first edition of it dates back to 2017, the updated version to 2019 – there is no edition for our country, although it is still available for purchase in the international version. Perhaps that is the reason for his acting abroad, among other things A small literary caseWhile here is a file UnpublishedIn the sense that no one spoke about it. For the future, an Italian translation is sure to give everyone an extra professional touch – can we imagine a layout with text facing, say, John Keats? However, this must also be said The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump It is such a job Pure and discrete, Who by absurdity puts his pen to paper in the footage of a man who became President of the United States, To be read in the original language. Just like great works of poetry in the sense.

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