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Not everyone knows it was produced until 2019, but it was a failure

Not everyone knows it was produced until 2019, but it was a failure

Citroen Mehari, the famous beach, has left a void that is difficult to fill in the hearts of many loyal owners by going out of production. However, in 2000 it was sold again.

my skills
Citron Mahari (Wikicommons)

The past sixty years have been the so-called period “Beach” In the automotive field, light cars with a reduced amount of equipment are intended for those who want to enjoy a beach holiday on four wheels.

There are many “mini beaches” that have survived in history like Mini Moke but nothing beats them Citroen Mahrick The popularity of the latter received especially in Italy.

Made by the French House in 1968 It was for sale until 1987Mehari succeeded for its simplicity: it weighed only 475 kilograms and could carry two people at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

Vehicle – based on the chassis Citroen 2CV It takes its name from a breed of African camel to refer to its ability to travel many kilometers on a full tank.

The car was also popular with public officials With a circulation of 11,500 copies For the French police and army it was one of the few European SUVs that penetrated Also in the United StatesHowever, through the installation of improved headlights.

After its exit from production, Citroen Mahari never came back. At least, not in mass production: the French house has made more than one attempt to bring him back into the fashion world.

The Citroen E-Mehari arrived in 2000.

    skill mail
A Citroen E-Mehari (Getty Images)

Produced from 2016 to 2019 in a limited series of convertible samples Citroen e-Mahari He didn’t fully comprehend the legacy the original car left.

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After all, Citroen has declared itself fair car picture Instead of a vehicle intended for mass production.

Specifications of this small car It was still interesting.

The car was all-electric, eliminating emissions: installed Bollorè 110 hp engine Much stronger than my first skill.

The car has an interesting and cool design as well Too far from the square line The first car of the series is simplified.

In 2019, E-Mehari disappeared from the lists. Experiment on frame Citroen Cactus To create a new beach He didn’t have great followers. Thus, lovers of skill are still waiting for an heir.

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