Non-reimbursable contributions to discos and ballrooms 2022: Amounts reported


    Non-reimbursable grants for discos and ballrooms: the amount payable to each beneficiary is determined. The Revenue Agency notified the amount on June 27, which will be credited directly to the applicant’s current account indicated in the application.


    with the Judgment 27 June 2022Revenue Agency announcedGrant amount Favor discos ballrooms and similar buildings, with activities closed until February 10, 2022.

    Let’s see in the next article how the procedure works and who can order it.

    Contributions to discos and ballrooms: the beneficiaries

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    They are beneficiaries of Non-repayable contributions Subjects that were activated with the value-added tax number before the effective date of Legislative Decree No. 4/2022 (January 27, 2022) which, on the same date, mainly carried out activities Discos and halls danceAnd the Nightclub and the like (Ateco 2007 code “93.29.10”) and closed due to containment provisions for the Covid-19 pandemic, set forth in Article 6, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree No. 221/2021.

    Since then, the Closed Economic Activities Support Fund has been refinanced Third Sostegni Edict. With regard to the beneficiaries, the amount of the contribution and the methods of disbursement, the provisions contained in the decision of the Minister of Economic Development in agreement with the Minister of Economy and Finance dated September 9, 2021 remain in force.

    Contributions to discos and ballrooms: how to order them

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    there Application for a non-reimbursable grant for discos and ballrooms It had to be sent by June 20 2022also through an authorized intermediary, using the telephone channels of the Revenue Agency or through the web service available in the reserved area of ​​the “Billing and Payments” portal.

    Published revenue agencyRecognized contribution amountwhich will be credited directly to the current account of the beneficiary referred to in the application.

    The financial resources will be divided equally among the persons with the required requirements who have submitted the application correctly, within the maximum amount €25,000 for every.

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