Non-original spare parts, a problem for those who use it

    Non-original spare parts, a problem for those who use it

    If you are using a device and want to take advantage of the guarantee, pay attention to non-original spare parts: big problems due to their use.

    In accordance with the provisions of consumer law, devices must have a warranty of two years starting from the time of purchase. Thus, it is the buyer’s responsibility to keep the invoice proving that the device is still under warranty. However, there are very specific cases in which the warranty is denied and the repair is the responsibility of the customer.

    Non-original spare parts –

    Hectic daily life makes it difficult to do household chores with the same dedication as our grandmothers. For this reason, it is found in most families Devices that allow you to speed up and simplify many tasks.

    Among washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, in recent years another habit has spread that allows you to cook quickly and heat only the minimum necessary: ​​the Thermomix.

    The kids and the Kobold vacuum cleaner both come from the same house For Vorwerk Productions. Recently, the company was reported by antitrust for owning it Warranty refused for non-original parts. Moreover, the repair costs were charged to the customer.

    Non-original parts: If you tamper with the device, you will lose the annual warranty

    You mentioned antitrust Home appliance manufacturer Vorwerk Very famous, as are the Thermomix and the Kobold vacuum cleaner, to refuse repairs under warranty. Apparently, though, the fix was rejected Use of non-original bags.

    Non-original spare parts –

    Those who own a Leprechaun vacuum know that this requires the use of bags sold directly by Vorwerk. Many people, in order to save some money, opt for Compatible bags, but not original.

    In the event of a malfunction, even during the warranty period, the company may refuse to proceed with the repair of the device if it is found that non-original spare parts have been used.

    At the same time, if the popular Thermomix kitchen robot breaks down, and instead of calling an authorized technician, you rely on a third-party specialist, you will automatically lose your device. Access to the mandatory warranty.

    According to the provisions of the Consumer Code, the consumer is the guarantor of their conformity within the first two years from the delivery of the product.

    However, the manufacturer in the presence of spare parts or maintenance carried out by unauthorized persons, even if these circumstances do not cause the problem itself, Refuse warranty.

    Antitrust interference

    For this reason, antitrust has intervened according to which the seller must prove that the defect is directly attributable to the customer or to lack or inadequacy of maintenance in order to be able to refuse the warranty. According to Antitrust, Vorwerk Uses unclear contractual terms.

    Often, in fact, the only subject who can prove a product non-conformity is the professional sent directly by the manufacturer. In some cases, it may charge the consumer for the repair costs, without any confrontation or agreement.

    Based on the provisions of consumer law, a non-conformity that occurs within a year of the sale is presumed to have already existed on that date, unless the contrary is proven.

    Then there is another habit of Vorwerk being challenged by Antitrust orResponsible for repair costs From the professional to the client. In this circumstance, the professional asks the customer to bring the product to repair center. However, the law says exactly the opposite, that is, the seller must receive the exchanged goods at his own expense.

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