Nokia for Smart and Clean Cities: Algorithms in Australia for the Right Waste Management

    Nokia for Smart and Clean Cities: Algorithms in Australia for the Right Waste Management

    Nokia He has long been involved in the implementation and application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to manage mobile networks (and their anomalies, see Collaboration with Vodafone) and to develop smart city. Solutions that find applications increasingly widely, as in the case of Melbourne city, Australia, in which the Finnish company’s algorithms were exploited Improve waste management and street decor and pedestrian areas.

    The technology used is called Nokia Scene Analytics AI, is used forDevelop a deeper understanding of waste disposal behaviorAll this stems from the decision taken a while ago by the local administration to limit the movement of waste collection trucks, but rather an encouragement. Use of compressors. A small revolution in the name of practicality and cleanliness, which, however, is not used correctly by all citizens, either because of a lack of knowledge of the methods of differentiation, or of a deliberate will Illegal dumping of waste.

    Then Nokia took advantage of the Melbourne municipality a Existing CCTV Camera System converted In the Internet of Things system Made of ready-made sensors to monitor one of the compressors installed in the city. The algorithm implemented by Nokia is capable of Filter and collect data from cameras by linking them to information from other sources (eg technical data of compressor). This continuous monitoring system capable of analyzing incorrect behavior (filtering others) is effective so far, with better waste separation and fewer cases of illegal dumping. Everything – Nokia guarantees in Maximum privacy, where people’s faces and car license plates are automatically hidden by the cameras themselves.

    Nokia technology can determine in real time the number and type of products that are inserted into the compressor, including those that have been inserted incorrectly or those that are considered dangerous. This results in a file Better understanding of the operation (or malfunction) of the deviceThus reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

    A great example of how technology can be used to reduce illegal waste, to make the city cleaner and to protect the environmentMelbourne Mayor said. In other words, technology can help in understanding the behaviors of citizens in the best possible way, and thus implement corrective policies.

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