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No Vax Piers Corbyn accepts bribe to ignore AstraZeneca, but it was Monopoly money – VIDEO

No Vax Piers Corbyn accepts bribe to ignore AstraZeneca, but it was Monopoly money - VIDEO

The older brother of former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Corbin piersaccepting a bribe of £10,000 and excluding it Serum opposite Covid 19 vaxiferia who campaigned No Vax. A perfect trap designed by two YouTubers, the comedian Josh Peters and the magician Archie Manners, who have presented themselves as shareholders of the Anglo-Swedish company interested in finding an agreement with British tutor No Vax. Damage to the image of Pierce Corbin, veteran of sarcasm: He didn’t realize the duo had exchanged the envelope containing the pounds for a pile of Monopoly banknotes.

Corbin sidewalks and the AstraZeneca bribery

In the video posted on Youtube, the comic duo recount all the stages of their plan, explaining step by step the movements that misled the No Vax teacher. It all begins with an email Manners sends, introducing himself as the head of an agency eager to bring Corbyn together with a client willing to fund his campaign. new normal stop Against COVID-19 Vaccines. The next day, he accepted the invitation with his phone number to agree on a meeting place and time.

The three meet in Sloane Square, London, in an outdoor setting operated by several hidden cameras. The elusive agent is played by Josh Pieters, who presents himself as a shareholder in AstraZeneca without pretense: In order for the deal to be credible and legal, the duo shows on video the 100-pound shares Josh bought.

Mocking No Vax

Facing the spectacle of money, presented as an intent to fund his campaign, Pierce Corbyn does not hide his delight at “wow” and then begins negotiating the deal: he halted attacks on the AstraZeneca vaccine, while maintaining focus against those of Pfizer and Moderna. Once in, the footage shows Guru No Vax receiving the envelope and putting it in his pocket inside his duffel bag. It is a pity that shortly before, the same envelope containing the pounds was cleverly replaced by the wizard Archie Manners, with the help of two accomplices, with one containing the monopoly banknotes.

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The comedic duo is by no means new to luring controversial characters with such traps. in 2020 He convinced far-right journalist Katie Hopkins (Recently expelled from australia for violating quarantine rules) to travel to Prague in order to Receive a fake Lifetime Achievement Award. Unlike the encounter with No Vax Corbyn, the joke turned out to be much more complicated because all the actors, including the two comedians, struggled to hold back the laughter.

Who is Pierce Corbin?

As for the teacher, No Fax, in February was arrested To compare the Covid19 vaccines to the Nazi Auschwitz experiments. Released on bail, he continued his propaganda over time. After the video of bribery received by two YouTubers was published, Piers Corbyn told the Daily Mail (the same newspaper where Katie Hopkins worked) that he had never agreed to change his policies on Covid-19 vaccines and that he accepted the money convinced they had been donated by the young man because he felt guilty. For his investment in a company like AstraZeneca. No Vax’s reaction after the video was posted, and above all, after discovering the presence of Monopoly banknotes in the envelope.

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