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No vaccine for health reasons.

No vaccine for health reasons.

dancing with the stars, Dead without Covid vaccine for ‘health reasons’. The singer gives like this His version of events Regarding the issue that erupted during the last episode of Rai1 After a question from Selvaggia Lucarelli on the vaccine. The case he saw involved was not taken to track because it was found positive for Covid. The singer on Instagram, following her failure to perform on Saturday night, She explains that she is not “against the vaccine, but I haven’t done so yet for health reasons”. He also asserts that he “worked regularly through a series of swabs that secured me the Green Passage issue”.

“I am deeply sorry for what happened last night – writes Meta – I find myself compelled to explain the situation well, breaking the spirit of secrecy that has always distinguished me. I deeply regret not being able to participate in last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars due to the positivity I have experienced about the virus, even more sorry for the attack I have been through which forced me to clarify some of the things that I had to stay in my realm. The I’m not against the vaccine, but I haven’t done it yet for health reasons that only concern me. When the conditions are right, I wouldn’t have any problems doing that, but at the moment I can’t.”

I find it shameful – he attacks – to have to justify myself and be forced to put such a special situation on the streets Which I had not yet encountered with whom I intended to confront. Precisely for this reason, I was so distraught last night, that I didn’t want to share my private life. In recent weeks, I’ve regularly worked through a series of swabs that ensured my Green Pass release, the only real differentiator able to work. The law provides for the Green Traffic obligation not to vaccinate. I take this opportunity to thank Mille Carlucci and the entire Dancing with the Stars family for the solidarity I have received and can’t wait to get back on track to have fun with my friend Maykel Fonts. It is understood that I will work everywhere to protect my privacy and dignity and expect an apology from those who unexpectedly put me into a pariah.Mietta concludes.

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