No more rents, time to buy a home: we’ll explain why

    No more rents, time to buy a home: we’ll explain why

    The question that often arises is: Is it better to rent or buy a home? The answer is very simple and we will explain it to you shortly: pay attention.

    According to a study she just conducted telecommunication The final answer as to whether buying or renting a home is more appropriate is that the first premise fits just better.

    The answer came precisely after an in-depth sociological study conducted specifically on the mortgage/rent situation, especially after the crisis period it went through.

    This study also took into account 25- to 30-year-old mortgages, which are in fact most in demand by young people under the age of 36.

    But the main thing that can prompt you to accept the decision to embark on a mortgage instead of continuing to spend money on rent is above all that rents, practically in almost all of Italy, have increased significantly. These are the exact numbers.

    Mortgage or rent? Choose carefully

    Indeed, the numbers do not lie and if it is always difficult to deal with a mortgage issue especially if you do not have important economic certainty, on the other hand paying a higher amount for a house that is not even ours is definitely another matter.

    The most demanded type of house in Milan is the two-room apartment, with an average cost of €300,000: the average rent is €1,300 per month;
    With a mortgage covering 80% of the purchase value, the premiums would be €1,207 for 25 years or €1,071 for 30 years; So the saving is between 7% and 17%.

    The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment in Rome is €280,000: average rent €1,200 per month; The loan installments at 80% will be 1127 € for 25 years or 999 € for 30 years; The savings range from 6% to 16%.

    Finally, in Naples, the cost of buying a two-room apartment drops to €180,000: the average rent is around €840 per month; For a mortgage of €144,000 in 25 years, we would have a premium of €725, which drops to €642 for 30 years; Savings range from 14% to 24%.

    So it is certainly something to think about carefully so as not to risk making hasty decisions and wasting precious money: for this reason you have to assess the situation carefully, also and clearly above all with regard to the possibilities of your pockets.

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