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Nissan reveals how motorists drive in winter

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Many motorists do not feel ready for winter while driving their cars. This is what emerged from a survey conducted by Nissan, which reveals how European drivers prepare to drive during the cold season. The research included 6,000 motorists in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, 36% of whom said they were not prepared to drive in difficult weather conditions and shortened days, while 27% said they did not know or did not use safety technologies for your car. In the coming months, drivers will find themselves spending more time behind the wheel in the dark hours, which will make navigating at the beginning and end of the day even more difficult. For more than half of European motorists, this is a cause for concern, to the extent that 55% admit that they are uncomfortable behind the wheel in winter, 45% would like to receive proper preparation for driving in adverse weather conditions and 55% have canceled or delayed a trip due to poor weather conditions. Weather. With advanced safety technologies that provide valuable support even in adverse weather conditions, the new Nissan Qashqai ensures driver and passengers greater peace of mind even in winter. Indeed, in the cold season, poor visibility on the roads increases, but only 49% of European motorists have complete confidence in their ability to adapt the car’s lights to road conditions, that is, they know precisely when it is appropriate to turn on the lights, position or dimmer .
Adjusting the height of the headlights can also cause difficulties, so only 59% of motorists say that they know how to do it on their own. In these cases, Nissan Qashqai’s adaptive LED headlights are of great help, as they automatically change the shape of the light beam according to road conditions and avoid dazzling drivers in the opposite lane. 75% of motorists say they are not completely confident in their ability to stop a vehicle sledding on an icy road and more than half are not quite sure which tires to use when it snows. The new Qashqai’s advanced all-wheel drive system provides valuable assistance when the road surface is in difficult conditions. The driver can choose between Snow, Off-Road, Sport, Eco and Standard driving modes, depending on road conditions or his driving style. To help motorists discover their winter driving skills, Nissan has prepared a questionnaire available at the following link along with the benefits offered by the new Qashqai’s safety technologies and the Five Golden Rules for Safe Driving.

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