Nintendo: Miyamoto suggests waiting for a new direct for a new Super Mario game

    Nintendo: Miyamoto suggests waiting for a new direct for a new Super Mario game

    Nintendo fans around the world will be able to get their hands on the highly anticipated new chapter of The Legend of Zelda in May, but Kyoto Corporation has many more epic stories for gamers to crave. new gamesFor example Super Mario. When does a new game come out? Miyamoto suggested we should Wait for a new live.

    information comes from Interview with VarietyOn the occasion of the release of the movie Super Mario Bros. – The Movie. As you can see in the tweet below, Miyamoto says, “All they can say is: Please look forward to future Nintendo Directs.”

    It’s a very neutral phrase, but the interesting part is The way Miyamoto says it. The creator laughs as if he’s hiding a secret (not very well in this case). Of course, this is just speculation for now.

    It’s clear that a new Super Mario game will arrive sooner or later and it’s fairly clear that an ad was going to be run by Nintendo within its own offering, or Nintendo Direct. However, it is not clear that Nintendo is actually ready to announce something new.

    We repeat that at the moment we can’t officially say Nintendo has a Super Mario ad in store, but Miyamoto’s tone and face indicate that something is brewing.

    In the same interview, Miyamoto suggested that mobile Mario games are not a priority.

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