Nintendo Live 2023: Announcing the new live event in Seattle

    Nintendo Live 2023: Announcing the new live event in Seattle

    After canceling a filee 3 from this year, Nintendo Today I announce the arrival of a new big event scheduled for September, namely Nintendo Live 2023!

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    After its massive success in Japan, Nintendo Live will debut this year in Japan United Statespecifically a Seattle. This event is proposed as a celebration of the entertainment provided by the Big N Company, incl PlayAnd Tournaments And Live offers. The announcement comes directly from the official Twitter profile of Nintendo of America:

    As stated by the President of Nintendo of America Doug BowserFans of all ages will be able to experience Nintendo’s unique games, characters, and worlds on Nintendo Switch, all thanks to this new experience. At Nintendo Live 2023 in Seattle, in fact, visitors will be able to take part in a A series of activities inspired by Nintendo gamesDesigned for both families and fans.

    This type of event used to take place in Japan: in fact, we remember that in previous editions, including last year’s, it was possible to attend live concerts, usually dedicated to animal crossing he’s at Splatoon.

    As mentioned earlier, Nintendo Live 2023 will take place in Seattle in a month September. At the moment we have no other information about it, so we just have to wait for more news from Nintendo!

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