Home Tech Nintendo 64 games could go to 50Hz in Europe, report – Nerd4.life

Nintendo 64 games could go to 50Hz in Europe, report – Nerd4.life

Nintendo 64 games could go to 50Hz in Europe, report - Nerd4.life

games Nintendo 64 coming nintendo switch online can go to 50 Hz in Europe, instead of 60 Hz like the US. This is what the report says. Here’s what we know.

As evidenced by @Volvagia224 on Twitter, lo UK stream From Nintendo Direct yesterday, where they announced the arrival of new Nintendo 64 games on Switch Online, they were played in PAL format, not NTSC like the US.

Original Nintendo 64 games in . format Europe It is not adapted to the PAL version. Since the games were created primarily for the United States, they are programmed at 60 Hz. However, in Europe, the PAL format only supported 50 Hz: games were therefore slower in Europe than in the USA. Now, the same thing appears to be happening with the Nintendo Switch Online version.

@Volvagia224 points out that without the custom patch for each game it would have been impossible to fix the problem. For Nintendo it will be very expensive, so it is normal for me to choose the PAL version for the European region. Even providing subtitles for all European languages ​​in NTSC version will not be easy.

Obviously at the moment Just a report: it’s not official Nintendo has not specified what type of version will be launched in each region. Without the ability to try out Nintendo 64 games from Nintendo Switch Online, we won’t be able to confirm or deny these details.

Finally, here are the ads and trailers for Nintendo Switch games from Nintendo Direct.

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