Niko the cat was killed by the train, which was not late. “They didn’t want to save him” –

    Niko the cat was killed by the train, which was not late.  “They didn’t want to save him” –
    to Alessandro Sala

    He had barricaded himself under a convoy, and the calls of its owner had no response: «They did not allow us to retrieve it and did not want to delay the departure. So they judged him.”

    The year couldn’t have started worse Georgina Mylonas and her daughter millions. The day after New Year’s, they were at the station Montparnasse to ParisReady to go back Bordeaux when they are suddenly separated Nico, the cat that accompanied them everywhere, slipped off the carriage and went to hide under the train. There were 20 minutes left before leaving, but it wasn’t enough to save him. At the time indicated on the board, the convoy set off and the cats were cut in two. And it is this image that still haunts Georgina and now appears in French newspapers in particular Le Parisien who took the story to heart, cries out his pain and anger. grieving over the loss of what was, for all intents and purposes, considered family members; Anger that she found herself against a wall with every request to intervene.

    The cat slipped under one of the carriages and did not want to get out. The woman was not allowed down the adjacent bars to try to retrieve her Security reasons, being electrified himself. No rescue team was dispatched, and firefighters were not expected to intervene. Worse, the caravan’s departure could not be avoided. “They told me that after all he was just a cat and it was not possible to stop the traffic on such a busy day – he told the Parisian newspaper, recalling the events of January 2 last – and I was also told to calm down that when leaving the train Niko would have moved himself ». But that was not the case, for the animal died heartbreakingly under the eyes of his two mistresses.

    After a few days, the pain remained, and the anger also increased SncfThey were contacted by the National Rail Company to invite them to retrieve the animal’s carcass. Georgina You feel cheated: You can’t go down the track to get him back when he was alive, but he was dead. According to Le Parisien, the company explained that in the second case the animal’s remains could be recovered safely using tools. However, the woman said she did not want to travel with her Nikko remains sealed in a plastic bag.

    but, this is not every thing. Because in addition to the tragedy that befell the family, there is an important element of reflection. It was Melaïna, 15, who made it appear: «To let our cat travel, we had to pay for a dedicated ticket. This means that he was considered a traveler in all respects. But if that was the case, why wasn’t his safety guaranteed? ». The case is captivating on social media. Was it really not possible to delay the departure and allow a specialized rescue team, perhaps firefighters who also intervene for example to recover kittens that can no longer descend from the trees, to intervene to save the pet? Because that is the point. We are not in Japan where the trains chime the clock and the conductor apologizes over the loudspeakers if the convoy leaves or arrives more than 60 seconds late at the agreed time. Travelers are also taken into account delays and those on the train in question, if asked, would probably not object to a small delay to allow the animal to be rescued. But that day no one seemed to want to hear the reasons. Georgina hopes that what happened to them will never happen to others again. “If the law does not protect the animals that travel with us,” said A.J Le Parisien – Then it must be changed.

    Jan 20, 2023 (changed on Jan 20, 2023 | 22:24)

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