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NieR Gestalt – Nerd4.life protagonist can be added

NieR Gestalt - Nerd4.life protagonist can be added

A remake of the NieR ReplicantOr, to be exact NieR Replicant Version 1.22474487139 …, You can receive later, too The protagonist of NieR Gestalt Inside, producer Yosuke Saito also reported during the festive live broadcast that was broadcast over the Christmas holidays.

It is not easy to interpret Saito’s statements in this sense, it is a little clear for the Japanese language and a little because the developers of the series, as Yuko Taro himself taught us, never know if They talk seriously or banter Most of the time, given their irony.

The truth is, in the context of the video mentioned below as well, Saito said at some point that we could see him come back “Papa NieR”, Or the nickname by which the NieR Gestalt champion is identified, within the NieR Replicant Version 1.22474487139 … in case the latter reaches “about half sales Reached by Nier Automata “.

Given that the previous chapter of this new version has reached at least 5 million copies according to the latest official data, this means that if the new game will reach 2.5 million copies sold About then Square Enix can insert the respective character. All of this, of course, if Saito is serious, and that’s not a foregone conclusion.

In the event that you don’t follow the strange story, the original NieR came out in two different versions that differed in some respects, starting with the protagonist, but both were affected by the need to rescue little Yona, who had been struck by the terrible “black scrabble” disease: a recurring era in a Japanese version in which the girl’s brother was the main character While Gestalt was the version also released in West, and Daddy Starring.

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The new version of NieR Replicant is based on the one released only in Japan, in which the brother is the protagonist but it seems that there may be a possibility to see the father in action as well, and it is a preferred option by many players, who are now fond of “NieR” Papa “.

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