Nicaragua and Ortega do not have the support of the United States

    Nicaragua and Ortega do not have the support of the United States

    Dense clouds obscured the electoral landscape in Nicaragua after repeated interventions by the government judiciary that, one by one, excluded from the vote the most important opposition figures, leading the United States to define the consultation as “devoid of any credibility.” “Presidential and Legislative on November 7.

    Since the beginning of June, in fact, the judges and police officers of the Sandinista government have carried out a series of operations that have brought 32 opponents to their cells, or to house arrest, including seven ambitious presidential candidates, a candidate for vice president, various student leaders, political figures, journalists, lawyers and men Business.

    President Daniel Ortega, who announced his candidacy, along with his wife Rosario Murillo as deputy, for a third consecutive term (fourth in total), was recently approved by the National Assembly on a “law defending the rights of the people”. Independence, sovereignty and self-determination for the sake of peace.

    Thanks to it, prosecutors and police broke into the homes of dissidents, suspected of financing or having ties to foreign countries – especially the United States – and reported their exclusion from electoral competition and restrictive measures pending trial.

    One of the first sensational cases was the arrest of aspiring presidential candidate Cristiana Chamorro, daughter of former President Violeta Chamorro, and the latter of Berenice Quezada, a former Miss Nicaragua candidate for Vice President of the opposition party Ciudadanos por la. Libertad (CxL) in the formula led by former anti-Sandinist businessman Oscar Sobalvaro.

    but this is not all. The Supreme Electoral Council (Cse) abolished the legal personality of the same CxL party on Friday, agreeing to a request from its rival Partido Liber Constitucionalista (Plc) who accused the president of this legal formation of obtaining dual citizenship for Nicaragua and the United States.

    In recent weeks, both the European Union and the United States have announced new restrictive measures for Nicaraguan government figures, or those close to them.

    But at this point, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who defined the November 7 elections as lacking “any credibility”, accused Ortega of fear of losing, and thus put in place “authoritarian maneuvers to nullify the election.” opposition.”

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