NGOs are given no respite: they offload migrants and set sail to retrieve others

    NGOs are given no respite: they offload migrants and set sail to retrieve others

    Finally, one of the three NGO ships operating in the central Mediterranean off Libya last week managed to land. It’s about German Louise Michael which was traveling with 33 migrants on board and docked in Lampedusa last night.

    The Louise Michel ship lands in Lampedusa

    It was a very strange dynamic that accompanied the mooring of the steamer in the port of the island, where yesterday the ship entered the Italian territorial waters in the afternoon, heading directly towards the dock of Lampedusa, where more than 1,000 people are in the hotspot and from where it is not currently possible to carry out transfers due to poor Weather. She suddenly changes course, leaving the waters of national competence, only to return afterwards and follow a casual road, which does not seem to lead her to port. Suddenly, it was the turn and entry to Lampedusa just before 11 pm. According to what has been known, all the immigrants who disembarked from the steamboat were Egyptians.

    The Geo Barents towards Augsburg

    The other two ships remained at sea, la Geo Parents and the Humanity 1, which is currently sailing along the coasts of eastern Sicily with more than 500 migrants on board. After being stationed for about a day between Italy and Malta, Geo Barents, with more than 250 people on board, decided to follow Humanity 1 through an incursion into Sicily. According to information provided by the Vessel Finder website, Geo Barents should be docked in a port Augsburg This morning, about 12 o’clock, the same harbor that the ship had chosen, at the beginning of the operation, for the disembarkation on the 3rd December.

    Geo Barents towards Augsburg
    Screenshot from Vesselfinder

    Two new NGO ships at sea

    But in the general silence, another ship approaches from the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s German Sea eyeWhich sails in these hours off the coast of Morocco and is heading towards Libya. This morning, as announced by Open Arms, another ship has been launched and is heading towards the central Mediterranean: the It astralDeparted from the port of Badalona, ​​near Barcelona.

    Still standing in the harbor there Ocean Viking, Rising Above and Junio ​​Marie. In recent weeks, all three ships have announced the start of their December missions, so presumably they will also depart in the next few days for international waters off Libya. Of these, the only one to fly the Italian flag is Marie Junio.

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