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    Weather: Next week, the Immaculate Conception trend gets interesting; updates

    Immaculate Conception Bridge in bad weather signImmaculate Conception Bridge in bad weather signThe Immaculate Conception weather trend is getting more and more interesting! It seems like the first ten days of December can be quite eventful with the cold and rain already getting through next week. So the bridge is also in danger.

    As we can see in the map below, there is a large area of ​​low pressure over Scandinavia that continues to send series of frontsdriven by the cold polar air, which will first hit the very heart of the Old Continent, and then already our country too From Tuesday 6 December.Cold fronts descend from northern Europe towards ItalyCold fronts descend from northern Europe towards Italy
    With this kind of synoptic scale configuration, weather conditions would be preserved unstablewith an excess of precipitation in many areas as has not happened in this long time a stranger 2022. Indeed, after a months-long drought, it now appears that the rain taps have turned on!

    It will be the highlight of this new deterioration from time to time Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 DecAnd the When Disturbance Italy will be fully invested causing stormy rains especially in the north and in the Tyrrhenian sectors. In the coming days, the possible interaction between these turbulent pulsations and the entry of cold air into the lower layers descending from Russia should be evaluated. In this case, ideal conditions for owning will be created Snow falls down to very low altitudes (locally in the hills).

    Ultimately, therefore, space for the extreme atmospheric dynamics in the light The first holiday bridge with the risk More than just rain and snow fall in many of our regions.
    We will keep you informed.

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