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    NEWS – Pogba, i retroscena e i tempi! Beto in gruppo, Szczesny, Origi e Sanches…

    News - Pogba, background and times!  Beto in the group, Szczesny, Origi and Sanches ...

    On August 3, 2022 at 19:45

    The start of the Italian Serie A and the fantasy football season is approaching. Here’s the latest auction information from the fields regarding injuries and training tests as the latest transfers arrive from the newspapers.

    Milan – Renato Sanchez He will not be a Milan player. After long negotiations to impress the player and Lille, the Rossoneri eventually had to raise the white flag. The Portuguese midfielder will go to Paris Saint-Germain: Soon there will be an exchange of documents to certify the closing of the operation.

    Pogba times – There is no operation. Paul Pogba Choose conservative treatment. according to Gazzetta dello sportthe choice after consultations goes in the direction of … the scientist, which Paul does not want to lose for any reason: “The program now includes treatments and a pool for the next three weeks and differentiated work for the next two weeks. Assuming it will take another 7-10 days of working with the group. , If there are no obstacles, Pogba can get a taste of the field with Salernitana (September 10-11, AD) to play three days later after the second round of champions. At best, he will miss 6 matches, 5 of which are in the league and one in the cup, including Roma’s match against his friend and former Juventus player Paulo Dybala.. In the worst case, he will be back after the September break and will miss 9 matches, about or less than he would have skipped if he had had a meniscectomy (arthroscopic surgery to remove part of the meniscus, different from the suture, which consists of stitching the affected area and healing times longer than 3 to 5 weeks).

    Pogba background – pee Pogba He decided not to have surgery and to follow conservative treatment for his knee injury. A surprising choice by the Juventus midfielder and Corriere della Sera She mentioned some background on the subject: “For nearly ten days, when Pogba injured his meniscus, this became the player’s internal dilemma: to have surgery or not? A question answered by all the doctors interviewed so far, from the expert in the States United to Juventus and J Medical staff colleagues: Recommendation of meniscus resection, in arthroscopy, where recovery times depend on the size of the broken part of the outer meniscus. However, ensuring a timing of 4-6 weeks, consistent with tournament commitments and World Cup honors in Qatar, which Pogba – like all players on the planet – does not want to lose. The recommended option was surgery, which Dr. Cotit Sonri had already predicted on the phone, after Juventus doctors immediately sent him for knee checkups and scans. Not entirely convinced – in fact, very little – the French midfielder wanted to see the surgeon, who has always been brilliant on the field. The fact is that in this story there is another magician, a very personal physiotherapist who has been following Pogba for some time, with whom the player underwent conservative treatment, relieving his pain.. Which is understandable to stay away from activity: but With the start of the tournament – it’s fear – the pain may reappear without surgeryblocking the joint and interrupting the season.”

    SZCZESNY – a report Tuttosport There is good news about Wojciech’s recovery Chisney And Mattia de siglio: “The Polish goalkeeper reported a problem with telephoto in the United States: Nothing serious anyway, Juventus’ top seed does not risk losing his first championship with Sassuolo on August 15. And it doesn’t look like De Sciglio is in danger eitherwho missed the US tour due to a muscle issue and is expected to resume training today.

    ORIGI Divock’s official debut Origin It may slip again. a report Corriere dello Sport The Belgian striker is still suffering from the fallout from the rectus muscle problem that forced him to close in advance last season with Liverpool. Recovery is progressing well but He will be barely on the field against Vicenza on Saturday in a friendly matchThe goal is to try to get it back for the first time in the tournament.

    Lazio Watch out for Lewis Alberto In Lazio, as shown Corriere dello Sport: “He has to sweat for the starting position. Show impatience. And yesterday, here’s the news, Did not show up in Formello to resume training. Lazio downplayed that. “Everything is fine,” said the biancoceleste club. The Spanish will be back soon, maybe today. He would have justified the delay with a severe seizure. Version to check And rough, considering matters relating to Covid controls. Certainly, after the small dip in Grassau and the break given by Sarri, he took the opportunity to return to Seville. The clients of his “You First” stable fell silent yesterday. From Formula, with a touch of sarcasm and an attempt to protect the Spaniard, extra comfort has been leaked“.

    Sanchez Another step towards Alexis’ farewell Sanchez to Inter. Today, report Sky SportsThere was a new meeting between the player’s agent, Fernando Felicevic, and the sporting director, Piero Ausilio. It was an introductory meeting, The parties are about to ratify the agreement but a new meeting will be needed to determine the termination of the contract. Meanwhile, Sanchez will not take part in Inter’s friendly match against Pergoletes this afternoon.

    Mertens – according to Sky SportsThere’s a new show on the table dries Mertens Only in the last few hours. In fact, the Galatasarayready to relaunch in connection with the proposals from siro In recent weeks I offered him a significant salary. So far, there is no answer yet from Mertens but it is possible to look into it.

    Udinese – New updates on recovery have to. As reported by Udinese in its official report, the Portuguese striker returned to training in a group yesterday. he adds udineseblogThe Portuguese trained for the first time on the orders of the new coach, who made him compete as well 40 minutes of the family game. Outside last April 10, after the injury was remedied at Venice, the striker is finally seeing a return to the field looming.

    Monza – according to Sky Sportsthe operation Pablo Maro between Monza Arsenal are now progressing well towards the end of the deal. The green light from the English club, the details of the player’s side are negotiated and then the captain of the Udinese defense returns to the Italian Serie A from last January until the end of the loan. He explains that the idea is to close during the week Sky Sports.

    generous La Cremonese loses one of its new deals: Santiago Askybar – He reads the official club memo – He underwent instrumental tests that revealed a right hamstring injury. The midfielder has already started the rehabilitation protocol.” So Ascacibar is in doubt in the first league match against Fiorentina.

    serigo – This might be his last roll. Salvatore Sirigu Ready for a new experience, the deal is now imminent with Fenerbahce who made an offer to his agent within the last 48 hours. It could soon be closed with Sirigu in Turkey, work is in progress on the details, then Sirigu will leave fantasy football forever.

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