News of the presentation event in a few days, for Jez Corden –

    News of the presentation event in a few days, for Jez Corden –

    Windows Central reporter Jez Corden keeps pressing del Possible Xbox event The beginning of 2023, this time in a vague reference to having to wait it out on his own “Someday” to have News from Microsoft On potentially interesting news.

    In truth, the post is still very vague and is written in response to another tweet from a user who reported wanting to get a Information about upcoming new games from Xbox Game Studios, lamenting the lack of communication that marked this period from Microsoft.

    So it’s not clear if he’s actually referring to the announcement of a presentation event or to some specific news about games that will arrive in the first months of 2023, but it’s perfectly natural to link it to the rumor trail about a possible Xbox show. Or the XO that could happen in this first part of the new year.

    Uncertainty reigns on that front as well: Corden himself has made it clear that something is brewing but he’s not sure how much of an event Microsoft has planned, seeing it first as a kind of traditional XO and then as a kind of Direct, so something different from that caliber show that’s typical of E3 .

    In any case, it seems that something is expected at the beginning of 2023, and given the proximity of the subject to the Microsoft environment, we do not exclude a priori that there may be some truth in this matter. On the other hand, Microsoft should have some big titles coming out in the first half of 2023, at least with Redfall and possibly Starfield also not too far from launch and so need to set release dates before long.

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