News from Sweden and Portugal

    News from Sweden and Portugal

    In addition to the finals of Moldova, Iceland and Serbia, the intermediate stages for selectionsEurovision Song Contest 2023 to Sweden And Portugal.

    in Sweden Fifth and final semi-final to MelodyFestivalien 2023while in Portugal The second semi-final was held Song Festival 2023.

    Melodifestivalen 2023 – Sweden

    The fifth semi-final of Örnsköldsvik for the Swedish selection forEurovision 2023called “Andra Chansen” (Second Chance), which was attended by 8 artists who did not get direct qualification to the final next Saturday, March 11th.

    In bold, the four qualified for the final:

    1. Theos – Wed Fri dig
    2. Mariette – one day
    3. Victor Crone – Diamond
    4. Tennessee tears – Now I know
    5. Ilove and Benny – Rajen is running
    6. Melanie Wehbe – for this exhibition
    7. Nordmann – Släpp on the rise
    8. Kiana – Where did you go

    Mariette He participated in Melodifestivalen for the first time in 2015 with the song “don’t stop believing”. He has since competed three more times, in 2017, 2018 and 2020, reaching the final on all four attempts. Victor Crone She represented Estonia at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv with the song Storm.

    He will participate in the final match next Saturday:

    • John Henrik Fjällgren, Ark North feat. Adam Woodswhere are you (Safian)
    • Sekelius toneAccidental rhythm
    • Marie Surnever give up
    • PanitosI’m on my way
    • Marcus and Martinusair
    • Paul R.ERoyals
    • Laurentattoos
    • Crush into piecesunder six feet
    • TheosWed Fri dig
    • Mariette one day
    • Nordman Släpp on the rise
    • entity Where did you go

    Cancao Festival 2023 – Portugal

    The second round of selection was organized by the broadcaster RTP to choose a representative Portugal inEurovision 2023. Ten artists competed for six places in the final Song Festival 2023 (Finalists in bold).

    1. Edmundo Inacio – party”
    2. happy chaos – oh impossible
    3. Teresinha Landero – Endowment and tempo
    4. Bandua-“Banderas
    5. Barbara Tinoco – Good afternoon”
    6. Aeneas Abenas – du mondo movie
    7. Evandro – Buffo
    8. Dapunksportif – Treating the needs of the world
    9. voodoo jam – torment”

    ultimate Song Festival 2023 On Saturday, March 11th. These are the participants:

    • the church“Encruzilhada”
    • Claudia Pascual “Mary was born”
    • u “living”
    • Simulated sound and motion“Ai Coracao”
    • You can’t win Charlie Brown Mudo Contrast
    • Neon Soho – “infinite world”
    • hmm buffo – “Sapatos De Cimento”
    • Edmundo Inacio – “a party”
    • Barbara Tinoco – “Good afternoon”
    • Aeneas Abenas – “fem du mundo”
    • Evandro – “buffo”
    • Dapunksportif – “Cure the needs of the world”
    • voodoo jam – “torment”

    L’Eurovision Song Contest 2023 It will be the 67th edition of the annual singing competition. The competition will take place on May 9, 11 and 13 to LiverpoolIn the United kingdom afterUkrainewinning the previous edition after winning Kalush Orchestra with Stephanieunable to host the competition due to the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory.

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