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New York Vaccines Tourists: How It Works, Where It’s Done, and Which Vaccine

New York Vaccines Tourists: How It Works, Where It's Done, and Which Vaccine

New York will vaccinate tourists. everybody. The news spread around the world in a few minutes. The city hopes to start giving Covid vaccines to tourists as soon as possible by placing the gods Vaccination carts in some of the most famous tourist sites.

No trick: The ad came straight from Mayor Bill de Blasio. The New York mayor has made it clear that it is necessary to change state rules on vaccines to approve the administration for non-New Yorkers who do not work in the city, but his team is working with Governor Cuomo’s administration to do so.

A Vaccine for Tourists: De Blasio’s Plan for New York

Not just the Covid Free Islands (Who is the Those in Italy by region). Soon, tourists who arrive in New York first can get vaccinated for free and for free. Specifically, the New York-made vaccination program caters to the needs of tourists through the administration Free doses of Covid Johnson & Johnson VaccineSo that tourists can enjoy their stay in the city, de Blasio said openly.

Mobile trucks should already be ready this weekend at Big Apple’s most popular strategic location, fromEmpire State Building a Times Square, From Brooklyn Bridge Park a High Line a central ParkWaiting for the official green light from the state.

Broadway and the subways reopen 24 hours a day

New York City alone has already administered 6,809,451 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. The push to vaccinate tourists comes while trying to recover about $ 60 billion in economic contributions that usually come from tourism, according to state estimates, and to reclaim the nearly 90,000 industrial jobs lost.

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In the meantime, Broadway will reopen on September 14th. This was announced by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. After a year and a half of closing, New York theaters will finally reopen. Ticket sales started on May 6th.

And another sign of returning to normal, The 24-hour metro will also reopen on May 17After the forced closure of several hours of the night throughout the epidemic year to facilitate the cleaning and sterilization of vehicles and stations.

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