New upcoming series for The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter

    New upcoming series for The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter

    A new series that belongs to the universe of The Big Bang Theory; A new introduction to Game of Thrones and above all the much anticipated and talked about TV series Harry Potter. Three may seem like little novelties, but they are not if they belong to three realms that have actually written entire pages of entertainment in the past 20 years.

    Marking the presentation of the new broadcast service the above (Which will not be more than an updated version of hbo max) Available from next May 23 in the United States Three very important announcements have been made related to the three universes mentioned above. We say universes specifically because their strength in content creation in recent years has made these three titles more than just simple stories.

    New series from The Big Bang Theory

    Let’s start with the news we have fewer details about: Max will be distributing a new series set in the legendary sit-com universe Chuck Lorre, who will also take care of this new project now in its embryonic stage. Nothing has been decided on the themes and above all on the protagonists of this new series, except that they will be part of the world of The Big Bang Theory.

    We could therefore be facing a new prequel, such as Young Sheldon, or a sequel that will follow the adventures of one or more of the original heroes, a series dedicated to a minor character or, again, a project with completely new characters but located in the same world that has hosted the series for twelve seasons.

    The new Game of Thrones prequel

    We knew that House of the Dragon (whose second season officially began filming a few days ago, airing in 2024) wouldn’t be the only series derived from Game of Thrones. Now the second title ever created in the world by George RR Martin has been announced: Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: Night of the Hedgewhich Martin will produce with Ira Parker And from Ryan Condall And Vince Gerardis.

    The project is inspired by Knight of the Seven KingdomsA collection of three short stories by Martin. In particular, the subtitle indicates that the series will be based on the first novel, wayward knightwas released in 1998 and takes place almost 100 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

    The protagonists are the young man dunks and square an egg. In an age when House Targaryen is still on the throne, the two find themselves facing unexpected enemies and surprises, but above all their dizzying destiny. In fact, Dunk is nothing but the future Sir Duncan Hilla knight of the royal guard who will become its leader, while Egg is actually the future king Aegon V Targaryenalso known as “unlikely”.

    The new series about Harry Potter

    Finally, the most discussed project, the TV series based on the Harry Potter books, which will see the participation of author JK Rowling as executive producer. The idea has been talked about for years: the TV series would be extremely faithful to the seven books of Rowling’s saga, aiming to bring them to life and present them to audiences over ten years.

    It is clear that the cast will be completely new and the TV series is expected to present unpublished elements to the movie audience, closer to the contents of the books and thus able to reveal unpublished details of the adventures of Harry, Hermione and Ron.

    “Max’s commitment to keeping my books safe is important to me”Rowling said, “I can’t wait to be a part of this new adaptation that will allow for the depth and detail that only a TV series can guarantee”.

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