New rail strike: UK paralyzed

    New rail strike: UK paralyzed

    A massive new national rail strike is underway in the UK today, following the historic three-day strike in June, and is causing severe disruption to millions of Britons and another paralysis of transport.

    According to the BBC, in fact, only 20% of trains are guaranteed after about 40,000 members of the powerful Rail and Maritime Workers Union (RMt) crossed their arms, claiming wages had improved in line with record inflation.

    It’s one day off right now, but with the tension high between the union, the leaders of the rail companies and the other Network Rail (Public Network Director) could arrive. Especially if the direct confrontation with the conservative government continues.

    For Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, the strike was “completely useless” and organized by “hard-line unions”. He also threatened to make a restrictive change in legislation related to the right to strike in the kingdom.

    But if the Conservative Party is again in the midst of controversy after that in June, the situation is creating an embarrassment in the Labor opposition, divided between support for Labour, which comes from the hardline base, and a turn away from neo-con protest. Career Starmer’s Moderate Leadership. The Labor leader in recent days has caused, among other things, an uproar with the inner left by backing away from commitments on proposals for any return of rail, power grids and even water to public hands.

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