Home Tech New potential links emerge with Metal Gear Solid V

New potential links emerge with Metal Gear Solid V

New potential links emerge with Metal Gear Solid V

There is still much waiting to be revealed up With the PlayStation 5 app and in the past few hours, more and more fans are trying to figure out what’s possible The links between the title Blue Box Studios and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Players’ latest discovery is made live in the Venom Snake Championship adventure, and specifically, in one of the many audio cassettes that can be heard between missions or directly in-game. In this audio file we talk about the project “Les Enfants Terribles”This is the one who gave birth Big Boss clone Among them we find the solid snake and the liquid snake. In the chat between Ocelot and Venom we talk about the two brothers, and at some point, the protagonist’s trusted ally reveals it. Eli run away saying “I might also call it deserted.”, which can be translated into Italian “The same thing would have happened if we had called it deserted.”. Sure, this myriad association between products may seem a bit forced, but this is clearly another really strange coincidence.

Waiting to find out the truth behind the project and its final title, we remind you of that The just-abandoned PS5 app has been updated A preload is already available pending release, scheduled for August 10, 2021.

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