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New phrases for communication in the post-pandemic eraبة

New phrases for communication in the post-pandemic eraبة

Freedom, green review, fun: some key themes of brand new 2021 campaigns with relevant case histories

A formula repeated many times, sometimes as a prayer, sometimes, as in the case of brand communication, in an attempt (somewhat veiled, more or less insistent) to convey and memorize a message: this is mantra, emblem. Every historical period of advertising, especially if it is directed at an audience, tends to have its own mantra: Post-Covid, with its own peculiarities altogether, is certainly no exception.

the new 2021 Brand Campaigns & Initiatives They give us different ideas to identify some of them, whose current and future popularity is a whole part of reading current events and trying to respond to the consumer at least partially changed (even if we don’t know for how long).

Slogan “Save the Planet”

It is impossible not to notice the new green push, with rather strong foundations, for the brands. In this sense, communication (often unfortunately lonely) is the champion of change. Otherwise, “save the planet” that requires revision and new alliances on several fronts. Simple and effective, in this sense, an idea betonyWhich set off for the round pastry #TheTasteOfNoWaste, a campaign signed by McCann Worldgroup Italia that proposes a new perspective on using the product as an ally to divert leftovers or expired ingredients, avoiding waste. Nothing is done in many Italian homes at times, but it thus becomes an “institutional gesture” in association with the brand. But there is also Mattel, which instead alters the upstream product by releasing the first line of Barbie 90% recycled plastic with the “The future of pink is green” campaign. The launch is in line with Mattel’s goal of using recycled, recyclable or 100% natural-origin plastics, for products and packaging, by 2030. A path towards “responsible play” joins Barbie’s fruitful journey alongside diversity and inclusion.

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freedom logo

Nothing new under the sun. Brands have always loved the concept of freedom, but today it takes on a new meaning and vitality after more than a year of rules and restrictions of all kinds. Thus the term comes back into vogue not only through direct quotation, but also through association with images (open spaces, communal living…) and less obvious references. Freedom to change, for example, is at the heart of the new campaign Vodafone, which proposes a Vodafone Open offering as a response to the brand and falls into the broader “Together We Can” domain. Topical options available online: Soundtrack Think By Aretha Franklin, with “Freedom” in the center, and the face of Alessandro Cattelan, who “lightens” any artistic detail and acts as a trust guarantor. In this case, the concept of freedom is reinforced and goes hand in hand with the idea of lightness of limitationsAnother possible post-Covid mantra, and for obvious reasons. The same goes for the new campaign L’Aurel Paris Signed by McCann Worldgroup Italia, which invites all women to choose the right mascara, “to make people talk and enhance their personality.” Freedom associated with the idea of ​​empowerment. Four different female characters were chosen for this purpose, one for each type of reference, including Bebe Vio.

fun logo

Lightness, leisure, the desire for new social contact and escape, in a word we might call: pleasure. There is no need to explain why it is a collective necessity, after such a long period in which the phrases of flexibility and responsibility have triumphed more than anything else. Brackets: Who knows if a show like “Lol – Who’s Laughing Out” (Amazon Prime) will have the same crushing success even in normal times. After all, Amazon and Netflix are always on the spot when it comes to surfing the wave. In short, we are talking about the consumer need which brands can and should respond correctly, especially in light of the summer season and the dates that characterize it. It is no coincidence that for the 2021 European Football Championship there are many brands that have invested in a return to communication and “blue” initiatives in the name of euphoria and sarcasm. But the mantra is international: burger king Spain launched a customized version of the popular basketball video game Nba 2K21, while Pizza Hut In the US, he created a version of Pac-Man to be played on a pizza cartoon thanks to augmented reality, with exciting reactions.

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health logo

Last but not least, the topic of health, in which we have already presented relevant developments and initiatives from P&G to Lidl, passing through the example of Amadori. In this case, it is expected that if things go well in the epidemiological aspect, health will perform as well as the mantra associated with the previous ones (pleasure and freedom) in terms of well-being, self-care, sports, etc. On, rather than referring to a medical-more-healthy fantasy, which refers to the darker times.

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