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New investment by Poste Italiane

New investment by Poste Italiane

BancoPosta Focus Ambiente is Poste Italiane’s new product in the “Investments” category. Let’s find out what it is and the earning opportunities.

Environmental Investment BancoPosta Focus

Italian Post It includes a wide range of services and products aimed at satisfying customers. From accounts to loans for the investment sectorI, dear to many small savers and professional speculators. Within these diverse solutions, there is a new product called BancoPosta Focus Ambiente 2027. It is a balanced fund with a capital focus focused on five sectors, all related to environmental protection. environmental sustainability, therefore, is the keyword for this investment but we understand what it is better.

Let’s get to know BancoPosta Focus Ambiente 2027 better

BancoPosta Focus Ambiente 2027 is version balanced bottom It aims to combat climate change, clean energy, circular economy, water, sustainable management of water resources and ocean protection. and this is The five reference sectors From a focus on equity to a sustainable investment plan six years which envisages moderate capital growth as well as annual income distribution.

The risk and reward profile is level 4, Average, on a scale from 1 to 7. This rating may change over time and it must be remembered that it belongs to the lowest category This does not mean that you are risk free. The annual volatility scale is indicatively set at 7.4% while the performance is not yet available due to the recent rebirth of the product.

Features of the investment product

BancoPosta Focus Ambiente 2027 is a box that combines Bond investments, flexible instruments and equity. Everything should refer to companies and companies whose work is related to environmental sustainability. As for the returns, here it is Variable in the first five years – January 1 / December 31 – With a minimum of 1% of the initial value of the share equal to €5 which corresponds to €0.05 per share held and a maximum of 2.5%. In this case, the initial value of 5 euros must be taken into account 0,125 EUR For each additional fee. After January 1, 2027, the fund will become of the “income accumulation” type.

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Simulate and subscribe to BancoPosta Focus Ambiente 2027

Before you sign up for investing, it’s a good idea to proceed with simulation Wallet speculation. In this way it will also be possible to compare the performance of different funds. The tool to be used can be found on the Poste Italiane portal at the address bancopostafondi.poste.it Enter the section of interest. The calculator allows you to choose between “Portfolio Simulation” and “Compare” based on the action to be performed.

After simulating the investment and comparing the result with different opportunities, you can freely decide whether to sign up or not. If so, that would be enough Appointment Booking At the post office using the form on the site to start the process of starting the process. We remind you that the subscription must be accompanied by an extension Minimum one-time payment 500 EUR which can be followed by subsequent payments of the same amount or higher numbers.

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