Home Tech New image of the alleged map, rumors start again

New image of the alleged map, rumors start again

New image of the alleged map, rumors start again

The latest rumors exclude that a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement It may arrive before next year, with 2021 set aside to welcome the next public version of GTA 5.

However, this does not prevent further rumors from reaching the Internet, including alleged information regarding characters, plot or setting. In particular, theories that want the next to gain attention have recently returned GTA 6 Aiming to bring fans back to the streets Underworld. The city is inspired by Miami It is actually referred to by many Rumor As if you were waiting to return in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Obviously, there are no official confirmations in this sense, but only rumors that are currently impossible to verify. In particular, an alleged person recently found widespread online picture Dependent GTA 6 map, Which looks like an updated version of a file Previous GTA 6 map was leaked online Several months ago. The footage will be available directly at the bottom of this story, and will depict Vice City in a larger, clearer way, destined to be the backdrop for the new saga. Rock games.

As usual, we remind you that even any announcements from the software house, there are no assurances regarding the fact that the sequel to GTA 5 is already in development.

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