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New hard tools to stab ‘scammers’

New hard tools to stab 'scammers'

In Internal Revenue schemes, the fight against tax evasion is escalating in order to be able to find more “scammers” who do not pay taxes. New tools are on the way to a definitive breakthrough.

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The A system for verifying the correct payment of taxes Will undergo changes designed to identify all crafty tax evaders. New products will be introduced in the coming months Controls Which leads to an increase in the level of combating tax evasion by creating a “new tax”. This was stated by Mario Nava, Director General of DG Reform, the body that supports EU countries in implementing projects and system reforms in place.

The new level of fighting tax evasion

a advanced projectThis is how Mario Nava outlines the Directorate General’s reform plan with the aim of changing tax authorities and combating tax evasion. The Anti-Evasion and Perception system will be improved in the activation phase from June. The conclusion is expected to November 2022, the month in which it will be the tipping point that will frighten tax evaders.

The new system is based on an approach Depend on data. This means that a lot of information will be compared in order to ascertain who is submitting wrong or incomplete tax returns and who is evading taxes. To achieve the goal there will be Ongoing cooperation with the Revenue Agency. The mechanisms of analysis will be at the fore, as well as the tools used. Thus, attacks on cunning tax evaders will increase their range and tariffs will be more frequent and numerous. An estimated one million alerts in one year for one 20% increase in revenue Which could partially cover the €200 billion lost in terms of paying taxes.

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What are the new tools used?

Revenue agency offices will be used specific program Created for cross-referencing and analysis of data provided by taxpayers. The tax return will be a key element in addition to the movements in the current account and electronic billing. As of now all taxpayers They are examined to try to identify deficiencies, irregularities and inconsistencies and trigger appropriate controls when necessary.

From November the magnifying glass on our movements will increase in size Verifications will be able to rely on a larger number of data. The municipal departments from which the tax authorities will take the relevant data are also included in the scheme on taxpayer property. In addition to the tax return and checking account, the house will also be under control and the revenue agency will be able to spy on us in our nest.

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