New game in production, DICE learned from 2042 errors, to report –

    New game in production, DICE learned from 2042 errors, to report -

    I’m working on Next Battlefield already started with He says It seems that “I learned a valuable lessonFrom Battlefield 2042, according to a report by Xfire by Tom Henderson, a well-known and insider journalist.

    In the article Henderson explains that based on information obtained from internal sources, DICE and EA They’re following in their footsteps Regarding some of the changes made to the series with Battlefield 2042 that players did not appreciate. It is clear that in the initial plans there was an intention to use the last chapter as a basis for creating the next project, which would take on the characteristics of a “hero shooter”, but this idea seemed to be ignored.

    What all of this will entail for now is not yet clear, but Henderson speculates that we probably won’t be revisiting the 128 player modes and specialist system in Battlefield 2042, two of the less popular elements.

    Also in the report, Henderson mentioned that one of his sources who participated in early gameplay tests of the game described the game mode as modern / semi-futuristic She emphasized that the operators will be more closely related to the classic class system compared to the previous class.

    Battlefield 2042, promotional image
    Battlefield 2042, promotional image

    Obviously as usual we recommend taking this information with caution, although Henderson has proven to be a fairly reliable source in the past, especially for EA and Activision shooters.

    Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, Battlefield 2042 was updated to version 3.3, which introduced a new scoreboard and much more.

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