New driving ban, good news for many motorists | All are deferred for two years

    New driving ban, good news for many motorists |  All are deferred for two years

    It is clear that the great historic change that is about to transform, in the name of environmental sustainability, the entire automobile production sector also concerns diesel cars: but what is going on?

    Recently there has been a lot of talk about new possibilities restrictions And Commitments Which should concern most cars: those with A-engines Gas And diesel. like?

    With the aim of stopping the production of vehicles that are considered contaminated by date 2035, We started, in the rain, with a series of restrictive measures aim at – aim at alignment for this line.

    Various competent authorities in the subject and in various province And so, little by little, they adopted special initiatives related to restrictions, like in Rotation from car.

    at the level of protection environmental One by one, dictations They limit there Rotation of polluting compounds such as i diesel: Not only complicate the daily life of many motorists.

    Diesel cars: a quick stop?

    However, in the face of this, good news has also emerged: regarding the recent traffic ban, there is a specific case that allows those Driving a diesel car to breathe.

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    how? Simple: talk about the ban to Rotation to vehicles with engine Diesel, everything would have been held back, for now, by at least one Two years. But how and where?

    What kind of solution are we talking about, and what area would have been affected by this severe limitation? We’ll clarify that right away. We are talking about France.

    Especially in a city Leon Who was kind of afterthought regarding shutting down Crossing to diesel: Not a small choice, also given the political leadership “strongly environmental” from the community.

    Postpone diesel transit ban: that’s where it is

    Head of the area we’re talking about, Bruno Bernard Talk about easing restrictions on low-emissions regions, which specifically include diesel car.

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    Cars of this type will still be able to even turn 2028so more than two years of pre-selection: the same ‘realism’, As defined, it takes both environmental issues and practicality very seriously.

    the 2028 It is therefore considered a more beneficial and profitable date to focus on improving the climate and Unpolluted mobility But allowing those who already have old-fashioned cars not to be irrevocably limited. Common sense and practicality, coupled with insight environmentalSo.

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