New Defender is gigantic, it can carry up to 8 people


    New Defender will be presented and come in the long version of the model, with interesting features.

    New version Long Defender
    Defender of the new long version – Motori.News

    The defender is a model The most famous Land Roverready to show himself in long versionwho will come for pregnancy eight people. The new broker makes changes in EXTERIOR DESIGNbut also Internally it is being renovatedFor both style and technology. for him set of engines That’s it electrifiedfor respect at most me Minimum Requirements toenvironment. Let’s find out more closely the new model of defender.

    Let’s analyze the new SUV

    the new Defender 130 interpreted by Nick CollisonAnd the Land Rover Executive. His words were:The New SUVs one door a new dimension of ability Our family of vehicles, increase durability. for him the interior I very spaciousand welcome to eight people A maximum comfort. The car is great for getting in adventures With all familyas is traditional for land Rover“.

    Defender 130 photos
    New Defender in action –

    Outside Defender 130 It comes in different colors, which makes it hard not to find the one we love to see on the car. for him the design changes based on MoldThe land Rover Show us Five models. That is, we find SelfAnd the HSEAnd the x dynamicAnd the X And the most luxurious first edition. The car has been lengthened by 3.4 cmthis is to try to provide more 8 passengers freedom. Elegance is still the main point in SUV cars.

    Inside the car and its engines

    L ‘internal From the car comes Revolutionreally moving from spaces effectivefor one new technology. The outer space It started so well, that the third row has three seats, and it seems to fit Snugly. Its technology stands out in itself New 11.4-inch screen from Pivi Pro. The SUV cars Submit a file air purification systemin In addition to the cabin. The fabrics From the car I’m in leatherbut they can they change based on fun client.

    Defender 130 inside
    Inside Defender 130

    for him set of engines That’s it electrifiedwith these Gas Presentation Ingenium Technology Mild Hybrid P300 Six-Cylinder And the P400and that’s a diesel Always Six-cylinder Ingenium D250 And the D300. Defender 130 use the Mild Hybrid Electric Vehiclewhich recharges the battery under braking and has Delicious stop and go, which they say is one of the most common buildings. The the prices Not reported yet british houseThe news is expected soon.

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