Never too many pigs. Six critical regions

     Never too many pigs.  Six critical regions

    The‘Effect Things are running like they haven’t happened since the 2009-2010 season, the year of the swine flu pandemic. According to the latest news data From the InfluNet monitoring network of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, last week 771 thousand Italians were put to bed with influenza-like syndromes, which equates to 12.9 per thousand.

    Influenza and covid, alert in hospitals in Rome. 400 children help every day in Bambino Jesu

    Children are among the hardest hit

    More than 2.5 million have been infected since the start of the season. To get to that number, last year we had to wait until the beginning of January. Children under the age of five are particularly affected: in this age group last week there were 40.8 cases per thousand; In the 5-14 age group, the rate was 25.02 per thousand. 10.10 between 15 and 64 years old and 5.04 over 65 years old.

    areas at risk

    There are six regions where the season has already reached a limit considered high or very high: Emilia-Romagna (20.24 cases per thousand), Umbria (19.61), Lombardy (17.80), Veneto (16.43), the autonomous province of Bolzano (16.09), Marche (15.58). . The prevalence of influenza viruses is also increasing: of the 717 samples analyzed by InfluNet laboratories, 275 (38.3%) tested positive for influenza virus. All but one are of type A, especially A/H3N2. Instead, only 4% of the sample tested positive for SarsCov2.

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