Netflix to promote Italy and more. Suggestions that emerged from Bit 2022

    Bit 2022

    Archaeological Tourism, an agreement between Enit and Netflix to promote Italy as a destination, rediscover villages, and travel that respects the environment. Here are four important proposals that emerged from the 2022 edition of the Milan International Tourism Exchange.

    Archeology on display. from A little bit of Milan Two important events have been launched for antiquities lovers: the first Archeology 2022 who – which will be held in September to Cagliari Organized by the Sardinian region, the Tourist exchange for Mediterranean antiquities who – which Will be held in Paestum in October Organized by the Campania region.

    The event scheduled for September 14-17 in Cagliari will see the five-day residency of the Bastione dei Saint Remy, the beating heart of national archeology and archaeological tourism with meetings, discussions and entertaining moments. The covered walk will be transformed into a kind of large museum that Cagliari and tourists can enjoy from morning until sunset. advanced technologies It will be in the service of the story of the millennium history of the island of Sardinia that will once again be the protagonist: from obsidian to the apocalypse, passing through the Nuraghi and Giants Monte Brama. also supplied Stand for national operators: For the first time they will find themselves in the same initiative All professionals in this sector, from museums to archaeological sites, national and international experts, specialist press and tour operators. Millennium culture consists of history, art, and traditions that can ensure that the island is visited and appreciated all year round and not just in the summer. In 2019, the number of visitors to archaeological sites in Sardinia reached one million and 360 thousand, and the Regional Council allocated one million euros to the design and implementation of archaeological excavations at sites of great historical and cultural importance.

    Bit 2022
    Bit 2022

    there Rediscover the villages It is one of the trends that appeared in this edition of the Milan International Tourism Exchange. In fact, in the last decade the arrivals to Italian villages have been by 22.3% and attendance by 10%; From north to south in Italy the numbers are multiplying slow proposals: From the Marche to Lazio in the center, Abruzzo in the south, up to Lombardy and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the north and even abroad, eco-holidays are increasing, short and long term: examples are Formentera, Greece, Mauritius, Cuba and the United States. According to the data of Centro Studi Turistici and Terre di Mezzo presented in Bit, they speak of a Slow Tourist who seeks above all authentic experiences, to live in safety and calm, as a response to post-pandemic and international scenarios . Suffice it to say that in Italy, walk enthusiasts grow by more than 27%, and not just the religious ones. If the motivation is spiritual for 25%, 52% want to go on hiking trips while 50% like to be in nature and 46% intend to discover the area. Rediscovering villages is part of this framework. Before the pandemic, in more than 5,500 Italian villages there were about 22.8 million arrivals and 95.3 million presences between Italians and foreigners. Between art, tradition, food, wine and relaxation, Italian villages are attractive not only for their beauty, but also because of it promotion of artistic heritage, History, culture and nature is often little known welcome quality. In the world there are 213 natural sites and 869 cultural sites registered in the World Heritage List, which it designates on the basis of strict cultural and natural criteria. And nobody has it like Italy: 55.

    Also presented in Milan The new agreement between Enit and Netflix. TV series like the summer or movies like last paradise, just to name a few, can actually persuade even the furthest to leave. Even in lesser known places, like Invisible thread Set in Rome at Eur. The MoU, presented in Fiera Milano by the top management of the Tourism Authority and Stefano Sciolo, Director of Corporate Relations for Italy at Netflix, aims to create synergies and implement actions to strengthen the state system, enhance the positive perception of the Italian brand and expand knowledge of the country’s richness, cultural diversity and lifestyle. We will cooperate in the implementation of projects to promote Italian tourist destinations, especially those less well-known, among the international public. According to international research conducted by Basis on behalf of Netflix, movies and TV series A driving force for Italy’s image in the world We have the ability to attract tourism to our country. The study, which was conducted on a representative sample of the population in 6 countries including Brazil, France, India, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States, reveals, in fact, that for people who watched Italian content, the probability of considering Italy as the next tourist destination is double compared to those who did not watch Italian content. A particularly relevant aspect is that the outcome also affects Those who have never been to Italy: 87% of people who watched Italian content watched it He announced his desire to visit Italy – vs. 67% of people who have not seen Made in Italy content. The Italian aspects that are most appreciated by those who have watched Italian content are History, cuisine and culture.

    Nearly 8 in 10 Italians try to adopt behaviors while traveling More environmentally friendly. This is revealed by the 2021 report of the Italian food and wine tourism association Aite, on the occasion of the Bit exhibition, the international tourism exchange in Milan. “Today’s tourist seeks sustainability while traveling, 360-degree sustainable business and cares about the environment in their behaviour,” explained Roberta Garibaldi, President Emeritus of Aite. He noted that in the past, “the food and wine tourist was more sensitive, and now the gap with the general tourist has narrowed.” The merit, according to the professor, also for Covid: “We found out how beautiful Italy is. Images of the epidemic accompany us and heighten the sensitivity of each of us.” Containing food waste is one of the priorities of Italian travelers: 77% try to avoid waste in restaurants or hotels. Among the tourists visiting food and beverages, there is a tendency to implement good practices, such as avoiding washing towels every day (63%), paying attention to the use of plastic bottles (61%) and air conditioning or heating (50%). There is also a strong desire to connect with the local community and preserve its culture (64%), preferring options of a social nature, such as buying souvenirs from small producers (54%).

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