Netflix still rents DVDs in the millions

    Negli USA sono ancora milioni le persone che noleggiano i DVD di Netflix

    In Italy, Netflix is ​​known as a company engaged in the direct distribution of paid movies, TV series and other online entertainment content, but it was originally born as a company DVD rental And the Video games; Users could (and still can) rent media online and have it delivered directly to their home via the postal service.

    Since 2008, Netflix’s core business has been streaming, but in the US, loyalists who still rely on the Postal Service to receive discs by mail still exist. report it AP News Explaining that during 2018, Reed Hastings, co-founder and co-CEO of Netflix, reported that the mail delivery service was likely to close in 2023. Apparently, though there is still Many people which benefits from mail-in media deliveries, and has shipped more than 5 billion records across the US since the company began operations (recognizable because they arrive in what are now red-and-white envelopes).

    Before the streaming platform was livened up, the physical media delivery service boasted more than 16 million users, a number that is now declining but still boasts 1.5 million subscribers (the number was obtained from information released with financial documents in the past quarters). The streaming service has 223 million subscribers worldwide, including 74 million in the United States and Canada. An out of the box DVD shipping business is now out of a nondescript office located in Fremont, California about 30 miles from the company’s lavish campus in Los Gatos, California.

    An old postman in Santa Cruz (California) – built 110 years ago – has become iconic because Mark Randolph (Netflix co-founder) sent his first CD (an album by singer Patsy Cline) to Reed Hastings’ partner in 1997, in order to test whether This item could have been shipped with the US Postal Service without damage. As you can imagine, the disc arrived intact, convincing the two to launch the following year on the adventure of creating a mail-order DVD rental service, something they already imagined at the time would be replaced by more modern technologies sooner or later.

    There are still millions of people in the US who rent Netflix DVDs
    Photo: Brett Jordan – Unsplash

    It’s easy to think that those who rent DVDs from Netflix today live in remote areas, and aren’t reached by fast connections suitable for streaming, but in fact, many subscribers to this type of service seem to have internet connections and use a subscription to see Hard-to-find titles for streaming movies and TV series.

    In 2019, Netflix made $297 million from DVD and Blu-ray rentals (by comparison, streaming is worth tens of billions of dollars to Netflix).

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