Netflix: Password Sharing Will End Early 2023! Here’s what will change

    Netflix: Password Sharing Will End Early 2023!  Here’s what will change

    Netflix will ban password sharing in early 2023. The confirmation comes from the co-CEO of the streaming services giant who has been outspoken about the practice being so prevalent that it needs to be cut. In this case already, according to the saying Ted SarandosThere are more than 100 million Netflix subscribers currently sharing their account password with other users who are not actually part of the household.

    Netflix: Stop sharing passwords since the beginning of 2023

    We know that very well This moment will come sooner or later Given that the video streaming company has already gone the way of pre-tests in some countries where it has mandated additional fees for all users who were not actually part of the family but were still using the streaming service.

    Now we have Confirms that Netflix will expand its password ‘protection’ program From the first months of 2023 and for all those who have so far been able to share their accounts with friends and relatives, outside their homes, they will no longer be able to do so unless they pay an as yet unknown fee. to meWall Street JournalIn any case Netflix notices the frustration of users who share their password with friends and family But in fact, for the sake of a broader assessment, he seems intent on implementing a ban on sharing everywhere to understand if he will be able to keep it forever or if it will instead lead to a significant decrease in the number of registered users.

    Briefly Gone are the times when Netflix praised account sharing on its social networks With a tweet from 2017 today, it can only be recorded in history, and this should make us think about the extent to which the company can change its principles and policies over time in order to tame its investors in one way or another. You mentioned exactly Netflix “Love is sharing a password” or “I like to share the password” To ensure users get as many people as possible to sign up for Netflix.

    Now all this no longer makes sense Anyone outside the family unit will have to pay an additional amount Not even college kids outside the site will be able to join the core but they will have to equip themselves with their exclusive accounts. Sarandos said thatToday, there are people who are enjoying Netflix for freeBecause of this, the company intends to follow in its footsteps and allow Netflix to rediscover the true value of the company in order to acquire “People are happy to have their own unshared account.”

    And remember that Password sharing will be prohibited It may cause a message requesting a token to be shown to the user, not the real owner. Hence the need to enter the verification code received by the owner, who will pay an additional amount, in order to continue viewing the contents. In short, sharing is hard to live with.

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