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Netanyahu urges the Beirut neighborhood to “act now” about an alleged Hezbollah weapons depot

Netanyahu urges the Beirut neighborhood to

In the address to United nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Showed on Tuesday Pictures Than it claims Hezbollah’s weapons depot is secret In the middle of a residential area in Beirut, Near a gas company, ask the Lebanese to act now before another deadly explosion.

He said, “This is where the next explosion will happen, right here.”

Addressing the Lebanese people, Netanyahu said, “You have to act now. You have to protest against this, because if this thing explodes, then this is another tragedy.” “You should tell them, ‘Tear up these warehouses.”

The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, denied Netanyahu’s allegations, insisted that the group does not store missiles in civilian facilities, and called on the media to go and inspect the aforementioned site.

Nasrallah said in a televised address: “The media can go now. If there are missiles there, Hezbollah does not have time to remove them … This shows you that Netanyahu is lying.”

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At the site, the media found a small factory that had heavy machinery but no weapons.

Dozens of reporters, including an Associated Press photographer, toured the small factory in the Southern Jinnah neighborhood on Tuesday evening, where they saw large bits of iron and steel, heavy machinery and oxygen canisters – but without missiles or weapons of any kind.

Last month, a warehouse filled with nearly 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in the Beirut port, killing nearly 200 people, injuring thousands and causing widespread damage in the capital.

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Ammonium nitrate was stored there for several years after it was removed from a reserved cargo ship. No one has yet been held responsible for the explosion, which appears to have been caused by an accidental fire.

Israel Hezbollah has long been accused of stockpiling weapons and maintaining military sites in civilian areas, particularly in the southern suburbs of Beirut and southern Lebanon, both of which are strongholds of support for the Iran-backed militant group.

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After Netanyahu’s speech, The Israeli army has released detailed maps The site appears in the wing and other alleged missile stores it said were under residential compounds.

The three sites were described as manufacturing sites for precision-guided missiles. The military provided accurate locations for what it called the weapons sites but provided no further evidence and did not say how advanced the manufacturing program was.

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