NBA, Draymond Green loses first challenge with Boston fans: ‘Sucked’


    The Golden State winger, targeted by TD Garden fans, does not use half-measures in determining their match 3, which ended early after hitting the 6-fault limit. “I was soft, smooth.” However, his manager Steve Kerr has something to say about the behavior of the Boston fans towards his player

    Boston – “villain”It is said in the United States. bad. Every story you need. And Draymond Green gladly satisfies himself: “I like it, I accept it – in fact, it amuses me”, as he says after the race -3. “But today I wasn’t able to get the right hit from the Boston fans. I think it’s great that the rival fans waste so much energy talking to me. I can’t wait for Friday [il giorno di gara-4, ndr]Despite the defeat, it was the intrepid Draymond Green who introduced himself to the post-match mics. Arrogant but very strict with himself: “How did you play? That’s saucy. I was soft, smooth: This is the thing that disappointed me the most about my performance. ‘Performance he saw get out of mistakesMarker Only 2 points (with 1/4 to the shot), does not exceed 4 rebounds and 3 assists, with 2 turns (and -13 plus/minus). These are statements, the rest is gossip – and the conversations about his name (as usual) do not decrease. Also very colorful.

    Kerr defends Green: “Boston audience? What class…”

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    He commented, “The Boston audience’s reaction to it? Very elegant.” Steve Carewho is trying to defend his player by pointing to Choirs continue (“F**k you Draymond”) In harmony from the stands throughout the match. But then even Kerr admits: “It was a bad match but I believe in Draymond, and in his ability to respond, early Friday, because I don’t believe in anyone else.. We always depend on him for what he can do for us Energy and with him brainFeelings shared by Klay Thompson: “I have all the confidence in the world in him: with Draymond we were at the top and together we played in very important matches: I’m sure he’ll have a great race on Friday“.

    Green’s wife isn’t there: “Boston fans: Shame!”

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    With a long message in one Instagram story It was also posted on his account by Draymond Green’s wife, Hazel ReneeShe wanted to return – indignant – to the treatment the TD Garden fans had accorded her husband: “Fans should never be allowed to yell and yell with this kind of obscenity towards players. But are these fans human?I asked angrily. An entire building, or at least an entire section, could sing ‘F**k you Draymond’ or address it with the worst insults and Nothing happens? Are you sure everything is OK? Warriors fans never did. My kids were in the yard tonightAnd the Had to listen to this bullshit. I find it grossPoor Boston fans. genuinely shameful!! ‘,” he wrote on IG. Easy expectation: The Draymond Green-Boston Duel is definitely not here.

    Hot post from Draymond Green’s wife

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