Home entertainment NBA, Antikonmo plunging the Lakers! Gallinary wins

NBA, Antikonmo plunging the Lakers! Gallinary wins

  NBA, Antikonmo plunging the Lakers!  Gallinary wins

Rome Atlanta 110-99 victory over Boston Danilo Galinari, author of 8 Points. Blue remains on the field for 20 minutes. And it sums +5 plus minus: for him 3/6 for a shot and a triple to the goal, in a points box he also counts 4 rebounds. However, the protagonist of the NBA night is Giannis Antetokounmue That with 47 points pulls the Bucks into a win over the Lakers, without LeBron James. In other races Charlotte’s case was confirmed in a great moment and this time Washington noticed it too. Phoenix never stops, good Brooklyn and Miami. They always lead the Witches in the East, but were defeated by the Hornets on the night (4th straight win) to 97-87. Rozier (19 points), Bridges (17 points) and Lamelo Ballou (11 points, 14 assists) are the main protagonists in the success that halted Washington’s five-game streak.

Other matches

Brooklyn takes advantage of that, reducing the distances by beating Cleveland 109-99 (27 points for Harden, 24 for Aldridge and 23 for Durant), an eighth win in the last ten games, while Chicago crashes against Portland (112-107) despite 30 points by Lavigne and 22 points for DeRozan. For Miami, it’s completely different music with the return of Jimmy Butler: 31 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in a 113-98 over New Orleans, all without Adebayo and Laurie. The heat prevailing in the second half partial closed 68-46. In the West, Golden State’s first opponent at the start of the season confirms Phoenix: 105-98 over the Mavericks without Doncic and the tenth in a row, with the last quarter of 37 points. On the Shields Booker (24 points) and Eaton (19 points, 13 rebounds): Nobody in the NBA has such a long open streak.

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All the results of the night of the news

These are the results of the NBA races held on the Italian night:

  • Charlotte Hornets vs Washington Wizards 97-87
  • Detroit Pistons vs Indiana Pacers 97-89
  • Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics 110-99
  • Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers 109-99
  • Miami Heat vs New Orleans Pelicans 113-98
  • New York Knicks vs Orlando Magic 98-104
  • Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers 109-102
  • Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Sacramento Kings 107-97
  • Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets 101-89
  • Phoenix Suns vs Dallas Mavericks 105-98
  • Portland Trail Blazers vs Chicago Bulls 112-107
Intesa Sanpaolo and the NBA at the opening of the stadium in Piazza D'Armi in Turin

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Intesa Sanpaolo and the NBA at the opening of the stadium in Piazza D’Armi in Turin

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