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NBA All-Star 2021, History and Curios by Steph Curry

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there will be State Farm Arena From Atlanta, Habitat Hawks, StageNBA All-Star 2021, Scheduled for Sunday, March 7. The quintet has already been selected with leadership LeBron James H Kevin Durant With the latter’s participation in the event, but without entering the stadium due to injury.

All NBA star game
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Next to Luka Duncic, Kohe Leonard and Nikola Djokic, along with ‘Selection’ There will be too Steve CareyWithout a doubt, one of the most awaited players. This is the fifth post in allAll-star game in the NBA For a sample of Golden state, Who also boasts two NBA titles, two Best Player titles, and two listings in the first perfect fifth in the league.

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The link with LeBron James

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Teammates in the “Western” dream team, LeBron James E. Steve Carey They also have one other thing in common, which is the maternity hospital. In fact, they are both born in the same health facility Akron, at OhioFour years difference (1984 James and 1988 Carey). Star the Warriors He was born on March 14th, and he is too Bay Day at United State, Or the day dedicated to Pi. It is a celebration in honor of the athletic constant he was born into San Francisco Precisely on March 14, 1988, the same day of birth curry.

Mom’s fines

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Athletic Family of Steve: Father Dell Play in it NBA Between the eighties and nineties when she was a mother Sonya He won the state championship of basketball and volleyball in high school, and then pursued his career in college. Only two such talents can be born as athletes Steve E. SethBoth players NBA With links Golden state H Philadelphia 76ers. Especially a relationship that Steve Carey He has with his mom, who never misses an opportunity to fine him $ 100 for his fourth turnover in each match. Real tax, beneficial to my mom Sonya To breed a beautiful nest to shop at the end of the season.

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Philby on shoes

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If on his shoulders he wears the number 30 in honor of his father on his shoes Steve Carey Download some verses from Bible, Which confirms his deep Christian faith. On theCarrie One There is a number 13: 4 which relates to a verse of a letter Saint Paul ai Phillipsi: “I can do everything in him who strengthens me. ”. On theCarrie TwoThere is the number 12:27 which relates to another passage in the Bible:Iron strengthens iron, and man strengthens others ”. As a good Christian he fears greatness gaveBut at the same time he is also madly afraid of snakes. A formidable phobia prompts him to run away in front of any creepy crawler.

Forgotten identity card

Photography by Monica Davy / Ansa

Today Steve Carey He is famous all over the world, but in 2015 there were a lot of people who found it difficult to get to know him. Among them is a restaurant waitress at CaliforniaWhere the ace the Warriors He was having dinner with his wife. You forgot your identity card in the car, To get a curry beer he had to walk around the entire restaurant To find an employee attesting to his age, since the waitress erred that he was 20 years old and in California, those under the age of 21 are not served alcohol. A strange case that would not have happened today since then curry He is one of the players NBA The most famous in the world and preparing for the fifth All star gameWhere he will try to entertainUSA Complete with her crazy plays.

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