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The hiatus has now been in place for over a year and there are no signs of a restart in sight in the short term, despite the fact that the 2019 Siae Yearbook reveals Absolute precedence of dance and concert activity in terms of attendance and public spending. If we instead look at turnover, it represents the second sector after sport: In fact, the dance alone has a value of more than 292,000 events for receipts exceeding 723 million euros. However, while clubs in other European countries are considered the voice of the national GDP – after Spain, the UK is also seeing a return to live music events with thousands of people – in Italy, the legislation governing this sector stops in 1941.,Fides also noted in his speech from Primo Maggi Theatera. Saturday, the symbolic date for the celebration of Labor Day, nNew national portal for DJ self-census (www.albodj.it), Which is adhered to by A-DJ, Sils (Italian Entertainment Workers’ Federation), AID-Italian Association Dee Jay and CFC (Club Festival Authority).

Attorney Deborah De Angelis
Attorney Deborah De Angelis

The initiative aims to highlight the real numbers of the sector, which remains difficult to intercept a large proportion of the undeclaredA process necessary to determine the extent of a phenomenon that, otherwise, might be underestimated. The epidemic, which has exacerbated the difficulties already faced by many extraordinary workers in the night world, has accelerated the settlement process, which can no longer be postponed: most of it concerns professional privacy, while the Ministry of Culture provided compensation only to those who had reached To the predetermined limit for paid Social Security subscriptions. The situation with the health crisis has made DJs more aware – Romanian lawyer Deborah de Angelis, A-DJ chairwoman and campaign promoter, confirms -. Among the historical associations protecting cultured and light music, DJ is still the same as sound engineer, but since the end of the 1960s the profession has evolved hand in hand with technology: the time has come to define a number that is not only of a performance technician, but of a technician. In parallel, De Angelis is fighting for a DJ’s legal classification by creating a National Registry at the Department of Labor.. Recently a bill was discussed in the room (Deputy Rapporteur M5S Gianluca Vaca, Chair of the Culture Committee Group), to amend the 1941 Act on Mediation and Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights.

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Among other things, the first article provides for the inclusion of a rule that recognizes the profession of a DJ as an artist, translator and artist from a legal point of view. And the He also wants to cancel the obligation to pay compensation for the work copy (remake music intended for the performance), since DJs are already required to purchase the private version without being able to benefit from a refund or an exemption for professional use. Europe is moving in this direction with the creation of records for artists and actors. Italy cannot be left behind – the lawyer insists – it must acknowledge dignity in a profession that is still in the middle. A change of mindset is needed, as new generations experience creative forms of social communication that also contain a cultural show. The entertainment, throughout the evening, is often associated with other languages ​​for an immersive, all-encompassing experience.

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