“Napoli Campione” The foreign press celebrates the Napoli championship. Maradona’s heirs

    “Napoli Campione” The foreign press celebrates the Napoli championship.  Maradona’s heirs

    Napoli is the champion of Italy. After 33 years, the Azzurri once again returned to the surface of Serie A, and the joy of people thriving with passion to celebrate in the streets of the city, in Maradona filled with fans to watch the decisive match in the big arena. screens and around the world.

    The extent of the victory of the Neapolitans has in fact transcended national borders, For the historical significance of the sporting project, as for the celebrations that began weeks and weeks ago, the outcome of the tournament was simply dominant from start to finish.

    The front pages of many foreign newspapers celebrated the Neapolitan victory. The recurring themes are the ones we know: the long wait, the influence of Victor Osimhen and Khvisha Kvaratskhelia, but above all Diego Armando Maradona. The most powerful image remains the image of Diez, a true icon that unites distant generations and peoples.

    L’Equipe’s address in France: “no resurrection. resurrection. After 33 years, many of which have passed between sticky situations and miniseries, one can’t help but talk about this. This is what Marca said in Spain, which wrote: “Maradona has heirs!”and then again ESPN, in the US which dedicates a piece to the reasons why this scudetto means so much to the city.

    Photo: La Presse

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